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Company Nurse

MIESCOR (Meralco Industrial Engineering Services Corp.
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
January 01, 2019



The project nurse is a fully registered nurse provide direct Nursing care in accordance with established policies procedures and protocols of the healthcare organization.


1. Provides and arranges nursing care to MIESCOR and non-MIESCOR personnel which include the ff:

1.1 Taking vital signs.

1.2 Giving skilled nursing care to the sick and provides immediate care to persons who have been injured.

1.3 Teaches and supervises others to give nursing care or first aid and give guidance and counselling directed at helping individual and groups, take action for promotion of health, prevention of diseases and disability and rehabilitation.

1.4 Provides emotional support and makes referrals necessary.

2. Housekeeping:

2.1 The nurse sees to it that at all times the cleanliness of the clinic and its surrounding is maintained.

3. Handling and caring for supplies and equipment:

3.1 She is responsible for preparing trays for procedures such as minor surgeries.

3.2 She sees to it that after the procedure, proper sterilization and disinfecting of equipment are done.

4. Case and follow-up:

4.1 To detect cases of communicable and non-communicable diseases needing treatment.

4.2 To assist in the control of communicable diseases.

4.3 To educate and demonstrate isolation measures of the infected persons and make visits to contracts for detection of necessary cases.

4.4 To follow-up cases to observe results of care given and to offer other type of medical care.

5. Inventory of medicines and other supplies:

5.1 Receives and checks medical supplies from stock room.

5.2 Keeps and enters regularly in stock cards the daily consumption of medicines and other supplies.

5.3 Keeps the project physician informed of medicines, which need to be requisitioned.

6. Carries-out medical functions in cases where the project physician may not be available:

6.1 Conducts simple routine physical examination, clinical history and administers appropriate or emergency and therapeutic measures based on standing orders. This is done after assessment and evaluation has been made.

6.2 Refers cases needing further diagnostic care to physicians or to other agencies.

6.3 Keep accurate records of medical and nursing care rendered.

6.4 Makes and submits of monthly comprehensive report.

7. Plans and participates in educational programs for self and other health personnel and professional groups. The nurse must continue building and developing her education both professional and general. She can do this by various methods such as reading professional journals or periodicals, books or nursing and allied subject, by attending conference, seminars, lectures, forum, participating in the community meetings and activities of her professional organization.

8. Complies with the proper operating procedures of safety and health standards and regulations.

9. Supports Environmental Management System with respect to their job.

10. Adhere to Policies/Procedure, Employee Code of Ethics and Conduct and Corporate Governance.

11. Protects intellectual property, company proprietary and confidential information.