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Sales Representative / business partner Romania - Restoration chemical

Aurelio - Fachhandel fuer Restaurierungsbedarf
Bucharest, Romania
May 23, 2020


We, a German-based and with almost ten years of corporate history even well-established but still highly dynamically growing company, retailing in the field of chemicals and products for conservators with a broad and keep on growing client base all across Europe, are looking for somebody which can identify himself / herself with the following attributes aiming to open up his / her activities in the very promising and prosperous European core market ROMANIA.

- You are a native speaker or do have a well-founded knowledge of the romanian language and you do have the idea of starting up his / her own online business / web-based online retailing company

- you either should speak english at business level or german language (at business level)

- You like personal independence at work as well as full freedom in passing your decisions at own responsibility (no Franchising, no tight or restrictive rules set from our side anyway, just using our consult and recommendations), aiming to developing and growing a successful business like ours your own way but benefitting from our successful business concept for your home market? Implementing just an online trading segment or even working with your own sales representatives for different sales areas?

- You are definitely characterized by the ability of self-motivation, diligence, reliability and blessed with an active entrepreneurial spirit being "a businessman / a businesswoman from head to toe"

- You want to work from home with flexible working hours

- You are interested in the B2B and B2C market

- You are interested in the scope of online business generally?

- You either already do know the relevant national laws and legislation in Romania with regard to online retailing activities (in particular on selling chemicals) or would be willing to devote

yourself to those?

- You are living inside Romania

- You are either feeling comfortable with or having a positive attitude towards or you could imagine working in the market for our products - chemicals and products for conservators - in your country and you are bearing will and single-mindness to occupy yourself with our market and products auto didactically (Of course, we would support you here if not already experienced about)

If this applies to you, you definitely should contact us - we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Your contact person for further information:

Mr. Frank Alexander Hoh

Coordinator International Markets

Aurelio - Fachhandel für Restaurierungsbedarf

Brautwiesenstrasse 26

D-02826 Görlitz

International phone: +49 (0) 176 51497416