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Receptionist/Security Assistant -

San Leandro, California, United States
May 18, 2018

Major purpose: Operate switchboard and perform receptionist/security assistant duties. Provide clerical support for the Security Department.

•Operate the switchboard by receiving and placing local, routine and overseas long distance calls.

•Perform receptionist duties, including greeting and badging of visitors and paging of employees as requested.

•Represent the Company in a courteous and professional manner.

Respond to requests for information.

•Prepare, issue and maintain visitor badges.

•Activate/deactivate employee badges.

•Maintain sign-in logs.

•Conduct briefcase searches.

•Sort incoming mail by department.

•Process outgoing and incoming visit requests for the Security Department.

•Update and maintain facility security clearances.

•Use the "Secure Perfect" facility security system.

•Use the "SIMS" database to track classified material.

•Create new badges using the digital camera, windows templates and windows photo editor.

•Operate security cameras and recorder; monitor cameras and alarm points for security purposes.

•Monitor incoming and outgoing property; maintain property pass records.

•Perform emergency responsibilities in accordance with the receptionist's guidebook and safety manual.

•Provide job training for back-up employees.

•After hours response to alarm monitoring.