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Microservices API Developer

Miramar, Florida, United States
February 19, 2018

Microservices API Developer

Part of the IT team focused on building modern digital software solutions to deliver our guests a great vacation experience and our employees a seamless, automated work environment. The position will leverage reactive, event-driven programming approaches and microservices technologies to deliver modular capabilities that serve well-defined business goals. Part of an agile, cross-functional team that delivers business capabilities with high frequency. A continuous delivery / continuous integration (CICD) approach is followed to ensure tight integration and early detection of issues for quick delivery cycle-time. Part of a fast-paced and exciting team focused on delivering powerful business systems that enable the company to deliver an amazing guest experience.

The position duties include:

1. Analysis, design, development, and delivery of Microservices APIs that will be consumed by web and mobile application clients.

2. Act within a cross-functional, scrum-based team focused on agile and continuous software delivery.

3. Support production systems and troubleshoot system defects to remediate issues and ensure system operational stability and availability.

4. Demonstrate highly effective communication, interpersonal, and teamwork skills.

Required skills/competencies:

Solid foundation in Java programming and Enterprise Java fundamentals including best practices and patterns

Experience with DevOps

Experience with of microservices architecture

Experience with Reactive Platforms (Scala, Akka, Play or Lagom Framework) or functional programming - lambda(java 1.8)

Knowledge of Kafka streaming platform to build real-time data pipelines

Knowledge of Cassandra NoSQL database management system and Cassandra Query language

Knowledge of Relational Database Management Systems and SQL

Knowledge of content management based systems (preference is Adobe platform)

Ability to work within an agile, scrum-based team that utilizes Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery processes.

BS or MS in Computer Science, Engineering, or Math