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Physician: Family Practice Atherton, CA (94027) rl

Atherton, California, 94027, United States
February 14, 2018

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Physician: Family Practice Atherton, CA (94027) rl

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Physician: Family Practice


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Atherton, CA (94027)

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Top reasons to love this job –

1. The opportunity to be a part of a company whose executive team has been in place for over 20-years. CEO and CFO are very active in the day to day operations.

2. Exciting opportunity to work in a collaborative work environment that is centered around a warm and welcoming family culture!

3. The opportunity to work in and around the Silicon Valley. A vibrant area only a 45 minute drive from San Francisco.

Top "must-have" skills for this job –

1. Ability to employ effective communication and clinical techniques in the supervision of clinical staff.

2. Team player and problem solver

3. Ability to stay positive and exhibit genuine compassionate patient care

Tell me about this job –

The Staff Physician works as part of the medical provider team delivering medical services to the patients. Under general supervision of the Medical Director and Clinic Coordinator, provides direct primary medical care and guidance to patients and/or makes appropriate referrals.