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International Sales Representative

Optichina Ltd
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
September 17, 2017

Founded in 2000, Optichina Ltd is a professional hi-tech opto electronics company engaged in R & D, manufacture, and distribution. Currently, main products of our company include optic linker, fibre distribution series, optic connector, optic adapter, optic coupler, optic attenuator, and WDM series.

Job description:

1, with the company’s needs in a timely manner translation work.

2, familiar with the product, the product has been mastered, and can offer independent analysis of its composition and give accurate.

3, familiar with the product positioning in the market, to find out when different quotes.

4, Indie customers, the trade process understanding, product specifications, quality and so give customers prompt reply.

5, resourcefulness, handle customer questions, and try to order.

6, in important holidays abroad, the need to send an e-card to show greeting timely manner to provide customers with our latest product information and product catalog.

7, handle the relationship with the various departments, and timely consult the latest information and dynamic information about the product to them.


1,22-35 years old, college education, international trade or English major, three – more than five years of foreign trade, overseas market development experience;

2, able to open up foreign markets and follow-up orders, looking to meet the requirements of international customers, establish good customer relations;

3, can communicate with foreigners accessibility, speaking and writing proficiency;

4, subject to the work of the deployment, there is a strong team spirit;

5, there is optical equipment industry experience is preferred.

6, know Spanish, Russian, French and other minority languages are also available.

Note: Due to our overseas sales market is mainly done at home and abroad of the time difference, this post office hours are: 13: 00-22: 00 (18: 00-19: 00 half-way commuting time of one hour dinner break)