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Wellness Coordinator

Cerritos, California, United States
October 30, 2017

JPI is looking for LEADERS who are willing to step up and take initiative with our new and exciting campaigns. We need a Wellness Coordinator who create great first impressions and interest in our products and services to harness and develop relationships with new customers. We are seeking a motivated, Wellness Coordinator candidate who is looking to get their feet wet with a career in promotional sales.

JPI provides an opportunity for those looking to excel in the field of health and wellness by utilizing a hands-on approach in management training. The Wellness Coordinator is trained daily on client acquisition, professionalism, and new business development strategies. We focus on developing and enhancing the competitive nature and willingness to lead within every potential candidate. People from the following backgrounds such Retail, Sales, Customer Service, and Sports tend to excel.

We are seeking an Entry Level Wellness Coordinator for the sole purpose of developing a strong Health and Wellness management team from within; with the mentality and knowledge that everyone can get from an entry level position to a management position between 4-6 months. We do not believe in tenure or seniority and promote those to management those who can show they can get the job done.

Job Requirements:


Direct Customer Service with new and current customers

Consumer and Field Marketing

Marketing and Promotions for our Clients

Develop and train new team members

Attend daily and weekly impact meetings

Identifying and delivering customer needs


Strong communication skills

Friendly, outgoing and contagious personality

Ability to think on your feet and actively problem solve

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