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Store Officer

Sorosoro Ibaba Development Cooperative
Batangas, CALABARZON, Philippines
July 30, 2017


1. Supervises the day-to-day operations of the store and the other administrative works.

2. Make sure that all the required products are available and conform to standards. Order goods in time according to customers demand. Handle a rationale price policy.

3. Create working schedules according to demand.

4. Focus on effective and reliable customer service, marketing and carefully take care of customers complaints.

5. Economize all resources.

6. Protect all goods, equipment's,cash money and other materials against damage or theft.

7. Forward reports and important documents to Immediate Superior for signature. Follow-up/pick up the processed vouchers/documents at main office.

8. Edit recipients/invoices on POS when necessary.

9. Assist for the conduct of Quarterly Inventory.

10. Perform other duties that may be assigned by the Immediate Superior.


1. Performs Custodianship of Funds: General Fund and revolving fund

2. Prepares RFV for all cash disbursements

3. Issue Official Receipts (OR) to acknowledge Cash Receipts

4. Deposits Daily Collection to authorized depository bank.

5. Prepare the revolving fund summary whenever the funds gets exhausted or at the end of the month whichever comes first.

6. Prepares the daily summary and Daily Cash Disposition Report subject for the review of the Immediate Superior.

7. Receive and check the remittances of cashiers.


1. Prepares Purchase Order (PO) for all purchases (merchandise and supplies)

2. Prepares stock transfers (ST) List of all back orders and inter-branch transfers of merchandise.


1. Accepts deposits from the members/depositors and issues Official Receipt for such

2. Processes withdrawals of deposits by preparing RFV, secures acknowledgement upon payment.

3. Maintain and periodically updates member's ledger card for deposits.

4. Computes accurately quarterly interests on savings and on maturing time deposits.


1. Controls member's ledger card for Account receivables.

2. Distributes the Christmas give away to the members and secures acknowledgement

3. Safe keeps all unused business forms and unused supplies.

4. Prepares the following financial reports to Accounting-Main Office not later than five (5) days after the close of the month.

a. Montly Cash Position Report together with duplicate copies of official receipts.

b. Summary of bank deposits with validated deposit slips.

c. Schedule of trade accounts receivables with aging as of month end

d. Summary of charge sales-Feeds pick-up

e. Schedule of time deposits and savings deposits quarterly

f. Summary of unused supplies

g. Summary of AU, ECL, COLA invoices issued.

h. Summary of stock transfers to all inter-branch purchases

i. Summary of Purchase Orders for all Suppliers

j. Summary of monthly inventory as per POS and actual inventory every quarter.


1. Computes members total purchases every October 31 of the years to determine the amount of cash gift due to members.

2. Computes members'total purchases every December 31 of the year for the computation of the Patronage Refund.

3. Maintains and updates Schedule of purchases and collection from members

4. Computes employees CHIT every payroll.


College Degree with an emphasis on business course or any related course

Possesses proficiency on the use of the computer

Strong Numerical Ability

Good listening and communication Skills

Customer Service Orientation

Accuracy and attention to details

Problem Solving

Ability to write routine reports and correspondence using MS Word and Excel