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Managing Partner

Zodiac HR Consultants
Mira Bhayandar, Maharashtra, India
February 15, 2018


Organize and run recruitment events for APs and LAs

Be an expert in the recruitment processes i.e. have the ability to identify the prospective LAS and APS for the unit

Planning and Goal Setting

Conduct review discussions/ wake-up meetings as and when required

Plan goals & performance needs for APs in a periodic manner

Be an expert in the sales process and conduct mechanisms to build the same with one’s team through periodic on-floor coaching

Own the operational aspects of coding a new AP and other day-to-day interactions with support functions whenever required

Developing and Coaching

Successfully run the “Train-Audit-Retrain” cycle on the skills of Aps

Handle the selection to on-boarding process of the Aps

Take responsibility for the AP’s income

Help whenever needed in prospecting/suspecting activity in the field

Operate as a product “Subject Matter Expert”

Attend joint field work activity

Contact APs who are falling short of the Contract Maintenance criteria to either reactivate them or arrange for their training