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Cisco Voice Engineer

Enormous Enterprise LLC
San Jose, CA
February 18, 2021


Job Title: Cisco Voice Engineer

Location: San Jose, CA

Job Type: Long Term Contract - Full time

Must Have:

1. Must have Linux experience

a. Be able to run basic commands and go through logs for troubleshooting purposes

2. Must have at least 5+ years of Audio or Video Experience

a. they need to know the different protocols SIP and H.323 and use them to troubleshoot.

3. Must have either Support experience or the ability to be customer-facing

a. This role will require the support engineer to work directly with customers.


1. Any experience working on Cisco Hardware

2. Any experience doing SQL queries.

Day to Day responsibility:

This role is for a tier-3 escalation team for a cloud/Saas based product. Primarily they will be troubleshooting the Audio/Video functions of this product. This role has three main components. First, to manage a queue of customer escalations that come in the form of work orders. These are high-level escalation and this person must have the technical and customer facing experience to handle issues coming in the form of work orders. Second, is handling change request which are code releases from engineering that need to be deployed. Every once in a while, this may be done at odd hours and this individual needs to be comfortable with a flexible schedule when needed. Lastly, this person will be working on non-urgent projects. This includes, submitting forms for procuring hardware, rack/stacking hardware and configuring hardware.