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Route Supervisor - TN #3577

Absolute Opportunities
Memphis, Tennessee, United States
March 23, 2017

Position Title Route Supervisor - TN #3577

Relocation No

Location Memphis TN

Customer retention through good customer service is primary role of this position.

Route Supervisor must see to it that each customer is properly serviced on the proper day without exception each day. Customer complaints must be addressed promptly and professionally.

Employee safety is critical, your role and a safety coach will be very important. Making sure that you have regular "tool Box" safety reminders and you are always coaching safety. You will also participate in the monthly safety meetings and you will also be assigned to be the chairman for a period during the year.

Growth of company will depend on retaining customers but also by adding to existing customers the products and services that we offer as a company. You will need to keep fresh reminders and coach and teach how to offer new items to existing customer.

Garment cost controls will be dependent on your success at eliminating errors and making sure new hires are correctly sized and fitted. It is also important that you make sure all the order entries are correct and accurate.

Route ride along with each of your employees is critical and part of the position. You will need to complete a supervisor's evaluation form and use it for coaching and teaching the systems in place. You will schedule those ride along visits on the company calendar in advance.

You will plan and participate in monthly route meetings to discuss current issues, safety and customer experience. You will need to prepare an agenda that includes the other members of the team on a quarterly basis.

You will need to understand the needs of the plant to provide good quality garments for our customers and make every effort to work closely with the plant staff to avoid creating silos of responsibility.

You will need to learn all the routes assigned to you as soon as possible, learn the personalities of each of our Route Service Representatives. Always looking for ways to improve the customer experience.

Each day you will need to assist with settling the Routes as they complete their day. This will include those RSR that are not assigned to your group as well. You will need to understand how our Route accounting system works and how to use the reports to manage our service team.

At times you will need to assist the sales representatives in sizing new accounts. You will also be responsible for making sure that all new installs are done professionally and planned well. That will include making sure that all the products are ready and loaded on the truck the day before.

You will have an extra RSR to you to assist you in scheduling vacations, and route changes and filling in for vacations, absentee days etc. This employee will be shared between the three supervisors. He will be directed by the Service manager.

You will be responsible for posting and maintaining vacation schedules on the boards in your office. Always adhering to the company procedures for vacations and off days.

You will also work with the other Route Supervisors to schedule holiday make up times and likely will participate in that make up schedule.

There will be times that you will need to run a route when there is no Extra RSR available.

Some of your responsibility will include arranging with our vendors normal vehicle maintenance. You will also need to inspect that the RSR's are doing their daily vehicle checks. We require that they keep their dash and inside of their vehicles clean at all times, we have an outside vendor to wash trucks on an every other week schedule.

At times you will need to visit customers to resolve issues, you will work with our service coordinator in these events.

Periodically you will need to work with the Route Supervisors and Extra RSR to re-route routes to improve the efficiency of the route group. You will need to make sure that customers are not dis-serviced by such changes.

Bottom line requirements we need notes on with candidate submittal:

1. 5+ years of route sales experience including some supervisory experience.

2. Experience managing or supervising route salespeople.

3. Local or close enough for a short easy move.