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Occupational Therapist

Oxford Consulting Services
Riverside, California, United States
December 01, 2016

Who we are:

Since 1994 Oxford Consulting Services (OCS) works with schools and districts throughout the state to place highly qualified Special Education Therapists, Providers and Teachers in areas of need. We specialize in pediatrics, serving school age children ages 3-21. Oxford Consulting Services, Inc. is an approved agency with the Department of Education, and is an approved Non-Public Agency (NPA) provider with the California Department of Education. With over 20 years of experience, we are proud of our reputation for quality service and professionalism.

The schools we work with:

Many of the schools Oxford Consulting Services (OCS) works with are Independent Study Charter Schools. They can be fully online; they could be a blended learning model where they are on ground one or more days a week and then at home for the other day(s); or they could be completely Independent Study where the student does all their learning at home.

The students we work with:

We work with Special Education students in all grade levels and all disability qualifications. The students learning is guided by the parent or learning coach (usually a guardian). Each student’s progress is monitored by their learning coach, but they are also assigned to a General Education Teacher, Special Education Teacher, and other provider or Administrator as needed. Even though the students we work with are Independent Study, they have a full Special Education Team to guide and support their learning outcomes.

Job Responsibilities:

Schools contact Oxford Consulting services when they have a student who needs a Special Education Services that they can not provide in-house (for various reasons). Because we take our contracts and students seriously and responsibly, we strive to bring on the most professional and capable Special Education teachers and Related Service Providers as possible. Each school may have a different learning model, but each of them comes to us requesting much of the same thing. As a contractor, you would be responsible for providing the following services if you choose to accept a student:

1. Regularly scheduled services – Most of the students have a set amount of service time on a weekly or monthly basis. You would be responsible for scheduling and completing those hours with your assigned student.

2. IEP attendance – It is mandatory that our contractors attend all IEP meetings the schools request them at. The schools make every effort to work with all the team members’ schedules, but there may be times when contractors may need to work to fit the meeting into their schedule. Most IEP’s are held via teleconference, which means proper phone etiquette and professionalism is necessary.

3. Updating student progress – Twice a year progress reporting on goals for students that are assigned to you. The schools will notify us of the due dates, and as a contractor, it is your responsibility to complete and submit.

4. Evaluations/Testing (formal and informal if requested) – Depending on your discipline, requirements for owning testing materials differs:

a. School Psychologists – Ownership of, or access to a full battery of testing materials is REQUIRED.

b. Related Service Providers (Speech, OT, PT, etc.) – Ownership of appropriate testing materials for your discipline is preferred, but not mandatory. Preference will be given to candidates that have their own testing materials.

c. Special Education Teachers – Ownership of Academic Testing materials is preferred, but not mandatory. Preference will be given to candidates that have their own testing materials.

Location of Services:

The schools Oxford Consulting Services works with do not allow services to take place in the student’s home unless specific authorization is given. Services are generally provided in an appropriate public location, like a library study room or community room (for academic tutoring or speech), a park (for OT, PT, OM, APE), or an office location if you have one. Oxford Consulting Services does not have office locations where services can take place. Some schools may have a community day site or location in your area for services to take place. Scheduling of services and finding an appropriate location for them is the responsibility of the contractor.

Hours of Services:

Because the services provided are school-based, our schools request that sessions be provided between the hours of 8am-5pm on Monday-Friday. There are no after hours or weekend sessions authorized for services. At times, authorization may be given for evaluations to be completed on weekends or evenings.


Depending on your availability and open hours, you can choose how many hours you can take on each week. Most of our contractors have between 1-10 students and work part-time, which can be anywhere from 1-20 hours a week depending on the student’s qualified service time. Once you accept a student, you are assigned to them. As an Independent Contractor, you are not required to accept all students we receive, but can take on whom you like. Many of our contractors work with us to supplement their income and bring in extra money each month.

Independent Contractor Status:

As an Independent Contractor you would not be an employee of Oxford Consulting Services, and you would receive a 1099 at the end of the year for tax purposes.

Requirements for Contracting:

Each Contractor is required to submit the following, along with their hiring paperwork:

1. DOJ Livescan Fingerprints with Oxford Consulting - Oxford Consulting does not have access to your results completed at other agencies or districts - Your one-time fee for the fingerprints would be about $20.

2. Proof of current TB testing - Our schools, as well as the CDE require TB testing to be within the last 4 years.

3. Proof of current credential or license - Your current license or credential must be on file with Oxford Consulting at all times.

4. Professional Liability Insurance.