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male candidate for civil engineer at salem

unique placement service
Salem, Tamil Nadu, 636001, India
November 30, 2016

Civil Engineers are the main role for the life, they work for providing the Shelter for each and person and they protect us and gives seam less Way for the Transportation, and other, “Civil Engineers we make Wonders and We Shine Like Thunders, and We have no Limits and no Endings a good Quote by Rohit Botup“,usually being a Civil Engineers it a Great opportunity for his life, every normal person can reach this Goal and making himself proud, Civil Engineers have saved more lives then all Doctors by developing the Building for Shelter, Providing the Water for Dry Areas, Helps in generating power supply, Seamless Transportation, Amazing Architecture, and creating wonderful places. George john smeaton is the First Civil engineers he was an English Man in year 1761 who helps the military. Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya is the Indian first Civil Engineer and got the Awarded for Bharat Ratna in Year 1955.