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Phone Sales Consultant

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
$1k to $5k Weekly Commission & Residuals
November 26, 2016

Phone Sales Consultants - Increasing Pay

Compensation $1000 - $5000 Weekly

Employment Type - Part Time

We are currently recruiting top Sales Consultants that are ready to earn at least a few thousand dollars per week, we have many individuals that far exceed this pace in their first 90 days with us by guiding interested prospects on the phone through a very effective sales and marketing funnel. Earn $300 - $2000 Commission per sale. Commissions consistently increase based on volume. You are able to offer financing and still get paid upfront!

The financial generosity of this organization is remarkable inclusive of residual income, bonuses, awards, incentives, profits sharing and retirement.

The enthusiasm and pride of ownership of our product line comes natural based on it’s strength, demand and benefits. Interest in our product is currently amazing.

Work with a team of winners who support each other. Build to $1000 - $5000 per week quickly, then Grow from there. You can start getting 1099 checks daily. Hours are flexible and you can work wherever you like. You must be disciplined, open to training and have a passion of helping people on the phone.


Home office

Computer with Internet

Phone competence

Self employment interest

What you can expect:

A business model and compensation plan that people wish they had.

Be ready to learn, adapt and take ownership within our team and DO WHAT IT TAKES to have more $1000.00+ income days in your business week.

Calls will be returned based on your brief voice message describing your business ownership and or sales leadership experience.

Call only if you are seeking self employment, here is a brief info message.

(5 four one) 833.2000