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Material Planner

November 24, 2016

• Calls and presides over RM/PM meeting updates to discuss potential problems related to raw and packaging materials inventory and availability to support production schedule.

• Determines the availability of raw materials for each product scheduled by the Production Planner.

• Determines the requirements for manpower, based on the production schedule; generates the Manpower Request, as needed.

• Ensures that key aspects of RM Warehouse are monitored to help ensure that there is sufficient inventory of RM and PM to support production targets.

• Follows up with the buyer on critical items needed for production and to replenish the inventory.

• Expedites the pull and delivery of raw and packaging materials to ensure availability to support production schedule.

• Schedule and perform weekly RM warehouse physical inventory.

• Update the system based on the actual inventory of raw and packaging materials in the warehouse.

• Provides data and analysis needed to determine and develop RM and PM quality standards and controls, in collaboration with the QA Division.

• Reports on the quality of raw and packaging materials delivered by supplier and received by the RM warehouse to assist the QC department in the incoming inspection process;