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Lagos, Nigeria
November 23, 2016

He/she also provides the administrative guidance on project execution.


Meet the project owner, set specification, or make a higher standard

Meet with the team and ensure that each member is given an opportunity to make suggestions regarding the executions of the project

Update information on the project management development, tools, regulations, market demand, and likely clients

Make arrangement for the project completion based on specifications of the project owner

Put a proficient team together to achieve the purpose of the work in a changing circumstance and fixed circumstance, and in a responsive circumstance using leadership and management expertise

Plan, commence, execute, supervise, and roundup assigned projects

Responsible for the well being of the project team in the course of the project

Suggest strategies of achieving the project goals to the owner

skills and requirements:

Good communication; written and spoken skills

Proficiency in analyzing and solving problems related to projects

Outstanding human relation skills evident in the ability to work with the team

Proficiency in customer relation

Excellence in gathering help needed in developing a working project management plan

Strong ability to give attention to details, as well as tested organizational skills

Strong knowledge and prowess in using modern information and communication technologies to projects

Ability to be proactive and independent, and to be interdependent on the team

Adherence to project specifications, as well as to the regulatory body guidelines for the project

Ability to get along well with the senior project manager.

MODE OF APPLICATION:The interested candidate should forward their CV to HR