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Nursing Attendant 5 (CNA)

Indiana Veteran's Home
Lafayette, Indiana, United States
November 23, 2016

Job Description:

The Indiana Veterans’ Home, located in West Lafayette, Indiana, is the only long term care facility in Indiana dedicated to serving veterans and their spouses. We provide a beautiful, healthy and home-like environment for veterans and their spouses to live. Residents enjoy a variety of onsite and offsite activities, excellent health care, nutritious homemade meals and a rich history that only a facility such as IVH can provide.

It's your turn! Serve someone who has already served you!

The Nursing Attendant 5 (CNA) performs a variety of non-professional routine tasks associated with the care, treatment, health and welfare of patients and residents. This includes training patients in activities of daily living. Candidate works under the supervision of supervisors, nurses, higher level aides and/or other members of the treatment team. Candidate receives general and detailed instructions from supervisors and nurses. Instructions are given during the course of work. Work is reviewed in process and upon completion on a spot check and continuing basis. Candidate may not deviate from guidelines. Consequence of error is minimal due to the continual supervision by the professional nursing personnel.


• Performs duties for the physical care of residents such as bathing, feeding, dressing, toileting, etc.;

• Trains and assists patients with daily living tasks; helps patients dress, eat, bathe, brush teeth and comb hair;

• Escorts patients to and from therapies, dining area, other areas of the hospital for treatment and tests, medical facilities outside hospital and/or on field trips;

• Checks and records patients' vital signs;

• Supervises daily routine of patients;

• Assists in creating and maintaining a safe and healthy environment by performing a variety of housekeeping duties such as cleaning equipment, changing bed linens, etc.;

• Sorts and tags institutional linens and personal linens;

• Establishes rapport with residents to aid in the treatment program and rehabilitation;

• Observes, records and reports the condition and behavior of patients;

• Participates in patient care plans involving care and treatment of the geriatric patient;

• Participates as a member of the health team observing resident behavior and participates in patient care plans;

• Performs related work as required.

Preferred Experience:

Two (2) years of work experience or high school diploma/GED plus the successful completion of a basic Nurse Aide training program, or equivalent, as approved by the Indiana Dept of Health.

Additional preferences:

• Basic knowledge of nursing care, hospital routine and basic nursing practices;

• Ability to apply basic knowledge of nursing practices and of special needs of geriatric patients to ensure comfort and well-being of patients;

• Ability to establish and maintain safe and healthy environment for residents;

• Ability to perform a variety of housekeeping duties to ensure the comfort and well-being of residents;

• Ability to keep records, reports and charts of residents accurately; B.M. sheets, restraint sheets, intake and output, temperature, pulse and respiration, blood pressure, weights, etc.;

• Ability to establish and maintain good interpersonal relationships with residents;

• Ability to note subtle changes in residents' physical status and mental behavior;

• Ability to act in emergency situations; fire, tornado alert, adverse behavior of patients, etc.;

• Ability to control intoxicated, confused, senile or difficult patients;

• Ability to use thermometer, stethoscope, sphygmomanometer and other medical equipment;

• Ability to follow verbal and written directions.

Additional Comments:

• A mandatory pre-employment drug screen and criminal history background check will be conducted on the applicant recommended for this position.