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Production Team Leader

December 16, 2016

This position is responsible for developing production employees to achieve individual, company, and client goals, while overseeing the work activities of assigned production employees; support the quality performance and sales skills of agents by providing accurate response to questions with a sense of urgency during call processing.


Production Leadership - Oversee the activities of assigned production employee by ensuring the function is efficiently performed in a quality-oriented environment reflecting the West values.

•Ensure production employees receive continuous development training after initial training has been completed in order to improve ability of assigned production employees

•assist with identifying areas where additional training is needed based on performance of assigned production employees

•Coach, train, and develop subordinates to achieve quality performance

•Monitor outstanding PINs (e.g. performance, attendance, etc.) on assigned employees, ensuring the conditions of PINs are prioritized for completion

•Coach assigned section of employees on excessive breaks, lunches, or tardiness to improve overall efficiency of site

•Assist with coaching and developing assigned group to achieve goals and quality performance, which may include role playing call scripts and providing feedback on ways to improve conversion rates

Team Development – The most important aspect of the Production Team Lead Job is developing people to achieve individual, company and client goals.

•Develop agent sales skills utilizing the 8 steps to coaching including; effective communication, listening, role playing and skill building to enhance agent performance

•Improve agent call processing skills to exceed client expectations for productivity, service and quality

•Develop Daily Action plan evaluating and ranking performance of each agent

•Meet daily with Supervisor to identify Production team lead objectives for the day

•Complete goal of 2 agent coaching conversations per hour with 2 call evaluations

•Improve agent morale by creating and maintaining a winning environment that contributes agent to agent satisfaction, productivity and commitment to West

•Review all current training related materials

•Develop agent product, process and procedure knowledge

Floor Assistance – Support the quality performance and sales skills of agents by providing accurate responses to questions with a sense of urgency during call processing

•Process a minimum of live calls to meet service level objectives

•Assist agents with procedure and sales questions, use of PC and telephone instrument

•Assist with problem or irate callers to ensure client’s service requirements and escalation procedures are met

•Monitor and observe adherence to allotted break time and travel time to achieve West’s, goal of Labor Efficiency

•Direct agents to seat assignment

Communication – To ensure effective communication with agents in order to procure an environment that is productive and will meet or exceed West and the client expectations

•Notify Supervisor of equipment failure

•Notify Supervisor of data processing errors

•Identify and recommend opportunities to improve existing West or client process or procedures to enhance productivity, efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

•The Production Team Leader will be expected to master the following to successfully perform the job:


•Excellent product knowledge

•Exceptional performance as an agent working on the dedicated line group

•Sales techniques

Skills and Abilities

•Develop quality performance and sales skills of agents

•Understand and carry out oral and written instructions

•Attention to detail

•Good verbal and written communication skills


•College diploma, any field.

•With Team Leader experience of at least 1 yr; telco background.

•Willing to work in Alphaland, Makati City