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Radiology Enginner

Brunswick County, North Carolina, United States
November 23, 2016

Experience: Eight years in servicing of medical imaging equipment within a specialty across most manufactures. Experience with CT and MRI required. Active participation in a professional organization such as NCBA, AAMI, ACC or industry equivalent preferred.

Licensure/certification/registration: Must be AAMI certified or equivalent.

Additional Skills Required: Ability to successfully complete generic and department-specific skills validation and competency testing. Ability to successfully apply customer satisfaction standards. Effective oral and written communication skills. Knowledge of digital and analog circuitry. Ability to effectively instruct and cross-train others in specific modalities. Ability to analytically troubleshoot electronic, electrical and mechanical equipment issues using a variety of testing equipment and protocols. Knowledge of essentials for Radiation protection. Ability to utilize and interpret technical service manuals and / or documentation. Ability to schedule and perform PM and repair functions after hours and weekends as required by patient workloads. Ability to work overtime as required. Ability to interact with individuals of all cultures and levels of authority.

Work Schedule

Full time

Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm

40 hours per week

Skills and Certifications

Medical Imaging equipment

CT,MRI equpment

computer hardware,sofeware,operating systems

excellent customer services

Collaborates with suoervisor /managers


valid Drivers License and clean motor vechicle report