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Data Center Technician

Sterling, Virginia, United States
November 16, 2016

2 openings

Ashburn. VA

Sterling, VA

This role is an on demand need with no guaranteed hours. Shift will be any time between 8am – 5pm / Monday – Friday (no set schedule and worker could go days/weeks without work).

There may be times where you will be required to work Monday – Friday but also could be times where you will only be required to work one day per week.

DCS Managed Services Requirements

Perform the following IMAC services in accordance with Client best practices:

• Device deployments and moves:

o Install mounting rails or mounting brackets inside provided hardware racks

o Install cable management attachments when necessary

o Run Ethernet, fiber, power and any other valid cables and label them with Client assigned numbers on each end near the termination points if required per Client specification

• For decommissions and hardware removal:

o Perform systematic data removal on devices being refreshed or decommissioned per Client standard procedures using Client provided Disk Wiping Tools

o When needed, remove devices and mounting equipment from racks and package for shipment by Client

• Perform various hardware modifications and replacements

o Install additional hardware into existing systems such as NIC cards

o Replace defective parts as needed including, but not limited to, RAM memory, hard disk drives and cooling fans

o Package defective parts and hand over to Client in accordance with Client standard practice

• Responsible for configuring IP addresses on remote management ports to enable remote management of systems by the Client IT Infrastructure Management Team

o Assist in configuring primary and backup IP addresses when remote system management is unavailable

• Assist in the updating of device firmware, drivers and software in alignment with Client approved version control standards

o If the remote management of systems is unavailable for the Client IT IM Server Management team, updating firmware, updating device drivers or software patching and updating would be required with Client provided media

Assist with on-site troubleshooting of devices

• Provide on-site remote assistance in troubleshooting supported devices that are down or otherwise not accessible by the Client IT Infrastructure Management Team

Perform quality hardware checks for all equipment installations

• Check that cable labels are correct and plugged into assigned network ports on the predetermined network switch

• Check that the cable runs are neat and secure

• Check that device is in the correct location (unit, rack, row)

• Check to ensure all power cords are secure and clipped in place if applicable

• Sign off on hardware check by submitting an email to the provided Client distribution list or contact

Perform physical inventory and audits of Client controlled assets in supported locations as needed

• Inventory all equipment in supported locations and ensure upkeep of all associated electronic records in required Client systems

• Provide report of all scanned items and locations for financial record keeping (CTF/Fixed Assets Finance)

Perform goods receipt of all equipment arriving at supported locations

• Work with Client contact to perform goods receipts(GRs) for all equipment received

Ensure proper storage of equipment at each supported Client location upon scheduled dispatch visit

• If a storage area is provided at any supported location, it will be the responsibility of the Vendor to keep the area neat and organized when dispatched to the location

Monitor ticket queue(s) and respond to service requests within Client defined service level agreements