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Appointment Setting

Lead Generator
Crandon, Wisconsin, 54520, United States
November 15, 2016

We are a company who employ work from home callers, to provide leads to our clients: life insurance agents from across the US. We are currently looking to increase our staff with several new permanent callers. Set your own hours. There are evening and weekend positions open as well. We produce mostly call back leads with our proven to produce script! There is absolutely no selling involved. It is as easy as reading from a script and asking the prospects a few quick questions. Callers are paid per lead, with highly skilled callers earning $20+ per hour! This position does not require any cost to work. You a paid per lead between 7-12$ and callers average between 1.4 and 4.1 leads per hour. Weekly Pay in Pay Pal. We looking for top callers who are available to work full time.

Job Duties:

-Calling for outbound independent insurance agents through a predictive dialing system.

-Determining a list of requirements through communication with residents in the appropriate locations.

-Setting up appointments with interested residents.

-Deterring any and all questions to the agent represented in the area.

-Obtaining the appropriate information:

a.) Is the resident interested in the information?

b.) How old is the resident?

c.) Is the resident a smoker/non smoker?

d.) What time of day would the resident prefer to be contacted?

e.) Is the resident’s residential information correct?

Lead Generator Job Requirements:

-Windows xp or better

-A strong internet connection

-Headset with microphone

-Phone experience

-Gmail (

-A quiet place to work Lead Generator Desired Skills & Expertise:

-Customer Focus

-Customer Service

-Listening -Phone Skills

-Verbal Communications

-People Skills

-Interpersonal Skills

I'd love to do an interview with you please email or call (715) 903-6833