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Engineering Technician - Broaching - MI #3455

Anderson Recruiting Associates
Harrison, Michigan, 48625, United States
November 19, 2016

Posted By Premium Recruiter


Engineering Technician - Broaching - MI #3455

Location: Harrison MI

Compensation: Competitive

Relocation: Not Available

This position assists with the daily functions of the engineering department by ensuring the accuracy of print releases; maintaining viable data is the Master Build Plan; assisting Project and Sales Managers, acting as a liaison for the engineering teams; updating engineering designs and ensuring the accuracy of engineering prints before release; data collection and data entry; assisting with customer service related issues, and ensuring data accuracy for the engineering department.

Engineering technicians assist the engineers in the design, development, and manufacturing processes of tools and machines. Assists both Project Manager, Department Managers and Sales Managers in various functions related to product design and customer service which may include rough layouts, recording and analyzing data.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

* Demonstrate commitment to company's positive and respectful workplace environment by leading, acting and behaving in a professional manner.

* Understand Broaching and tooling products, services, and capabilities.

* Understand industry and competitors' products, services and capabilities.

* Follow all company policies and procedures.

* Provide assistance to Engineers, Project Managers, and Sales Managers.

Engineering Technology

* Evaluate design drawings for new or changed tools by measuring dimensions on the drawings and comparing them with the original specifications.

* Prepare layouts and drawings of parts to be made and of the process for putting the parts together, often using three-dimensional design software.

* Discuss changes with coworkers-for example, in the design of a part and in the way it will be made and assembled.

* Review instructions and blueprints for projects in order to ensure that specifications and procedures are followed and objectives are met.

* Compare existing design specifications with new or modified design specifications and with new objectives and make recommendations for changes in products or in methods

* Estimate labor costs, equipment life, and plant space.

* Display proficient use of interpersonal skills via phone and email, engage and probe customer to ensure their true needs are determined and provide optimal solutions.

* Respond in a timely and accurate manner to all incoming tasks and outbound activities and resolve issues.

* Provide support to engineers, Project Managers, and company representatives.

* Ensure accuracy of information and data systems

Educational Qualifications/Experience

* 2-5 years' experience in engineering technology or similar vocation.

* A positive attitude and professional appearance along with the ability to thrive in a small company environment and build strong relationships with coworkers, customers, and partners.

* Successfully perform duties with a sense of urgency.

* Must be persistent, action-oriented, results-driven, and self-motivated.

* Strong interpersonal and customer service skills.

* Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

* Strong organizational skills, ability to set priorities and meet deadlines.

* Ability to prioritize and multi-task numerous activities but remain immediately available for incoming calls.

* Experience using design, CAD, Microsoft Office applications, and ERP systems.

* Ability to interact well with all levels of internal and external customer functions.

Highly Desirable

* Associates' degree in a related technical field with relative engineering technology experience.

* Work experience in, and knowledge of, Broaching or tooling products, applications, and targeted industries.

* Experience working for or with a manufacturer or manufacturer's representative.

* Microsoft Project experience.

BOTTOM-LINE REQUIREMENTS: (Candidates must answer)

1. Associate's degree or higher in a technical field preferred.


2. 2+ years of experience in engineering technology or similar vocation.


3. Experience or knowledge of broaching or tooling products is a plus.


Please send resume in Word format to as an attachment and include salary, phone number and reference Job #3455. candidates must also provide responses to the employer's BOTTOM-LINE REQUIREMENTS