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Servicepro Multi-Purpose Cooperative
Pasay, National Capital Region, Philippines
March 08, 2017

good looking

average communication skills

with driver's license

can drive manual and automatic car


The greeting used by the bellman sets the tome for the guest's experience at the property. A bellman should use the customer's name when addressing the person to make her feel welcome and important. As they continue on the walk to the room, the bellman should point out areas of attraction in the hotel, such as the concierge station, the gift shop and the business center, if appropriate.


The bellman often accompanies the guest to the room, pulling the luggage on a rack. The bellman enters the room and turns on the lights. If it's daytime, the bellman may open the drapes. Next, the bellman should inquire about where the guest would like the luggage and point out the closets and safe and any other features of the room. If there is an Internet connection, the bellman may briefly explain how it's accessed. The bellman should then indicate the phone number at which he can be reached for any further needs.

Lobby Duties

Bellmen typically remain in the lobby to assist with guest arrivals. They may open doors of arriving guests and call taxis when necessary. Guests may require assistance carrying luggage into the hotel, holding the leashes of pets or managing doors. While not every bellman accompanies a particular guest to a room, every encounter with a guest should be helpful and cordial.


Bellmen often are called upon to help other departments when the hotel is busy or housekeeping and maintenance crews are short-handed. Bellmen are expected to know how to clean a room and make minor repairs in the building. When trash is spotted on the ground or a guest looks lost, the bellman should pick up the trash and provide directions. Occasionally, bellmen may be asked to help out at the front desk or show a guest to a conference room. Bellman often store luggage for guests checking in or out early.