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Quality Manager

Bryant Bureau
Chicago, Illinois, United States
November 14, 2016

This person must be OUTSTANDING with customers. When there is an issue, they will send the best person who is already on the ground/closest to the customer in for the immediate problem and then the Customer QE will go into the customer with the corrective action and present it to the customer. Sometimes there is no one close so the Customer QE Supervisor might have to go at a moment’s notice to the customer. They have a few people that can do this so it’s not like someone will have to cancel plans they had for going to a wedding or something for a problem.

Travel: 2-3 times a month. Two of these trips could be same day or 1 overnight. 1 of them might be overseas.

It would usually be less than 1 week but the co. does offer up the option to stay longer (while traveling to a destination one might like to visit as a tourist) when booking the flights.

This individual should be familiar with corrective actions, 8 D’s, 5 Whys and be able to work extremely well with the customer to deliver the corrective actions. They have people that can do the technical work on this but they really need to understand how to write a corrective action and handle MSA’s (Manufacturing Site Assessments). THIS IS ALL ABOUT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE! This is high level customer interaction! This person will represent the co as the “Face to the customer”

They want the individual to have contacts with Ford, GM, Chrysler or Nissan with Ford being the preference. Tiers are also good. Automotive is a must.