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Analytics Specialist

Alexandria, Virginia, United States
December 04, 2016

My client is looking for an Analytics Specialist for their location in Alexandria, VA. This is a Permanent Position. My client is only interested in local candidates.

About the Position

Analytics Specialist to support users who access the Organization’s Data Warehouse. The Analytics Specialist will provide support for analytics services for users, respond to questions, address requests for technical assistance, monitor requests, identify and resolve data problems, etc.


• Uses the data warehouse dataset and Diver, an (OLAP) business intelligence (BI) tool to create reports, dashboards, markers, models, presentations, etc. to meet user reporting needs.

• Serves as a specialist responding to user questions and requests in a timely fashion; helps users learn how to use the online features and to address data questions.

• Analyzes users’ needs, documents requirements, and develops data delivery options that enhance the overall user experience; provides group and one-on-one training on Diver, reports, dashboards, etc. via telephone, e-mail, gotomeeting, webinars, etc.; uses BI tools to present results in meaningful and intuitive formats.

• Is the subject matter expert responsible for prioritizing, escalating and resolving user issues.

• Conducts research to understand data problems

• Ensures that the Analytics Team and programmers are promptly informed of complex data issues and questions that emerge during user help issues or training sessions.

• Identifies data issues by accessing appropriate databases and using the organization’s business analysis tools

• Proposes quality control standards to ensure the accuracy of existing data sets; assists in applying quality control standards.

• Writes shell script programs and uses understanding of programming and database structures to resolve data file issues

• Identifies and resolves data problems by creating and executing data tests


• Bachelor’s Degree in computer or information science or related technical discipline

• A minimum of five (5) years of directly relevant experience are required.

• A minimum of three (3) years of experience using SQL database language

• A minimum of two (2) years of experience using BI tools.

• Recent Software support or BI help desk experience required.

• Experience in a UNIX environment using SQL, C or C++ or similar languages is required.

• Experience writing scripts using JavaScript, HTML, JSON, NoSQL, is a plus.

• Proficiency with BI tools such as Microstrategy, SalesForce, Diver, etc. is required.

• Must be able to create reports, markers, dashboards, etc. for users.

• Must be able to use features such as drilling, custom formatting, formulas and functions, report scheduling, including event-based triggers, automation of refreshes and delivery, etc.

• Must be able to accurately describe issues and solutions in a straightforward manner either via e-mail, online, via go to meeting sessions, webinars or similar support platforms is essential

Please complete the following skills-matrix and send back with your updated resume.

Full Name:


Total Experience as an Analytics Specialist:

Total Experience with using SQL database language:

Total Experience with using BI tools:

Total Experience with Software support or BI support:

Total Experience with UNIX:

Total experience with C:

Total Experience with C++:

Total Experience with writing scripts using JavaScript, HTML, JSON, NoSQL (please explain which)::

Total Experience with BI tools like SalesForce or Microstrategy, Diver (please explain which):

Total Experience with creating reports, marker, dashboards, for user of analytic products and services (please explain):

Total experience with features such as drilling, formulas, functions, custom formatting, report scheduling, etc: (please explain):

Expected Salary:

Day Phone #:

Evening Phone #:

Cell Phone #:


Current City/State:

Work Status (US Citizen / Green Card):