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Business Development Manager

Equicom Shared Services
November 13, 2016

Business Development Manager

1.Handles five (5) Corporate Direct Account Officers and generates sales revenues thru new business acquisition via the efficient & effective management of the in-house sales force.

2.Makes researches and provide baseline information on industries assigned.

3.Performs sales forecasting and budget preparation

4.Makes project plans based on the industries handled, identifies new markets and develop project plans for saturation.

5.Provides market trends update & customer feedback to the AVP.

6.Conducts handling of accounts following the approved corporate direct sales process including, but not limited to:

7.Reviews and approves proposals with limits up to the Actuarial approved rates.

8.Reviews recommendations given by the Account Officers on pricing, on benefits package and the like to see feasibility of closing the account.

9.Escalates all pricing and benefit concerns to the Assistant Vice President for New Business Direct to discuss for approval with the President.

10.Presents recommendations directly to the President or with the Assistant Vice President depending on the authority limits.

11.Joins the Account Officers during meetings, presentations and negotiations depending on the size and sensitivity of account.

12.Endorses new accounts together with all the attachments and supporting documents provided by the Account Officer to Actuarial Team, QRFT, Underwriting Team and Account Management Support Team.

13.Monitors performance of Sales per Account Officer on a monthly basis, together with the required leads and industry reports.