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Bedia Investigations, LLC
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
November 13, 2016

Looking for an honest and trustworthy person to hire as an investigator who will sign up personal injury cases- motor vehicle accidents and/or Slip & falls. The responsibilities include meeting with the new client- usually at their home or job- to sign the paperwork, gather all pertinent documentation i.e hospital discharge instructions, copy of driver's license, auto insurance information, police report number, pictures of the car, pictures of where client fell, etc. The investigator will be paid a fee of $40 for every new case. If there are companions, it will be $20 per companion. The more cases there are, the better. The call to sign up a client can be made at any time - including weekends, but not at random hours i.e. - midnight, 2:00 am, etc, it will be a reasonable time. When the investigator gets the call, it's important that he/she follow up as quickly as possible so that the case is not lost. If, for some reason, at the time of sign up the new client changes his/her mind and is not willing to sign up, the investigator will not be paid. I will make every effort that the client doesn't change his/her mind. Please also note, when there is a new case, the investigator will be notified via text/email, so very important that he/she is checking their phone frequently. Payments for sign ups will be made bi-weekly. Furthermore, this job will not pay overtime, holidays, gas reimbursement, health benefits, workers compensation, in other words, there aren't any benefits other than signing up the client and getting paid. The only item the investigator will be handed is the Intake Packet plus business cards for signing up clients... The following is required: driver's license, ipad and be bilingual- English & Spanish