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Help people with what know live over chat and get paid

San Francisco, California, United States
November 12, 2016

This is a super fun and flexible position to leverage the knowledge you already have. We need 10-20 consultants, remotely to help test out our online expertise directory.

What we need:

- anyone with subject matter expertise

- can be any subject but popular subjects are marketing, law, technical, software, hardware, IT, programming, development, nutrition, health, fashion, writing, support, etc.. whatever

- this test will help us test our platform as a pre market live site

What you get:

- people pay you for your expertise

- you keep all your earnings

- you could get zero activity or 100's of chat requests

- people pay anywhere from 10 - 100 dollars an hr just to talk to you about what you already know!

- normally we take a commission, but for this program you get all your earnings and are part of our ambassador program

- you help to grow a website that is built for people like you

- a featured flag that makes you more visible on site to users - to push earnings

Please email or apply - it's a great project that we would love to have your help with!