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Personal Assistant

National Car Parking and Sales
New York, New York, United States
November 22, 2016

I'm looking for a personal Assistant. The job is light and nothing difficult. I will mostly need you to remind me of things that I need to do. Also you will be helping me with sharing your opinion and vision on my business and personal life. I'm a 36 years old European professional who owns a few different online businesses here in the USA. Please do not be older then 40 as I need someone who is energetic and have a modern mentality. Some of your duties will be arranging flights, hotels, restaurant reservations, arrange meetings and please have knowledge of clothes and dress styles as I will need your opinion on buying clothes and shoes. Your working hours will be from 10am to 7pm Monday thru Friday. Office is located in Astoria, Queens. You will have your own work place/office. Every other week I will be traveling to West Palm Beach, Fl on Friday afternoon and coming back Sunday night. I will need you to come along. Your flight, hotel, food, transportation expenses will be taken care of. So usually we will be taking off every other Friday at about 5pm and get into wpb at about 730pm. Sometimes we will be driving down to Miami and the keys. The reason of my traveling to Florida is because in 2018 I will be moving to West Palm Beach, and also my office. So the times that we are there I will be trying to figure out the purchase of a land where I will have a custom built home. I will be the one creating the interior and exterior design of the house and the garden before it's passed to the building contractor so it will be a bit of exploring and visiting many places and homes. Also I will need to figure out an office not too far away from where the house will be so all of this is quite a bit of work considering the fact that I only have 4 days a month down there. The job is starting Feb 1st. Kindly reply with your resume, your picture and your age. Aldo please note that sometimes when we are in Florida if things come up we may not to be able to come back to NY on a Sunday but might need to stay there few days extra and come back middle of the week lets say. Your compensation will be 75K. I will be reviewing applications now and will be able to meet you for an interview before January 15th. If you do well with work and wish to continue to work for me in 2018 then we can have you relocated to Florida in the fall of 2018 is when I will be moving the office down there and your pay will jump up to 100K. Thank You