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Customer Care Representative

Advent Global Solutions Inc.
Summit, New Jersey, United States
November 22, 2016

Job Description:-

Job title:- Customer Care Representative

Duration :- 19+ months

Location :- Summit, NJ


• Bachelor’s degree REQUIRED. Basic to intermediate computer skills required. Prior experience in a customer service environment or in a customer interfacing role highly desired. 0-3 years experience.

• The start date is effective Monday, January 9, 2017, for orientation, followed by 6 weeks of training beginning Tuesday, January 10, 2017. The training period work schedule is from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. (Note This schedule is for the training period only.)

• After the training period, Celgene will be setting work schedules according to our business needs. Candidate MUST be FLEXIBLE to work all available shifts between 8:00 am - 8:00 pm, Monday-Friday. Primary need is currently for the 11:15 am – 8:00 pm shift.

Candidates must successfully make it through the six-week training. The following is a list of the various assessments conducted during the training:

• Quizzes along the way (need at least a 90% to pass)

• Comprehensive final written exam (need at least a 90% to pass)

• Comprehensive hands-on oral exam, where the trainee must demonstrate proficiency

• on the keyboard and in navigating the database (need at least a 90% to pass)


• The Customer Care Representative provides service to patients, prescribers, pharmacies and Commercial sales staff regarding the Celgene Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) programs. The position primarily handles inbound calls but will also handle outbound calls, faxes and emails. This position requires workers to use a telephone with a headset.

Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Respond courteously, professionally, and efficiently to customer contacts concerning all Celgene REMS program. Handle inquiries and issues to resolution while following the requirements outlined in the processes and procedures.

• Educate internal & external customers on REMS Programs by effectively describing the process steps and qualifying requirements.

• Assist with enrolling new prescribers and patients, completing prescriber and patient surveys, and confirming authorized prescriptions for pharmacies.

• Resolve registration flags or direct non-qualified prescribers, patients and pharmacies to the appropriate resource for additional qualifying information.

• Recognize potential adverse events, capture relevant basic AE information, and direct such calls to Drug Safety as outlined in the standard operating procedures.

• Handle all inquiries and resolve issues as they arise. Follow up on all inquiries/issues forwarded to other Celgene departments or third party partners.

• Document all contacts into the REMS H database and update any other documents or databases as required.

• Complete new hire training and attend all required supplemental training.

• Arrive to work on time, adhere to schedule, and be flexible to support other schedules as needed.

• 10.Design SMART goals and complete on time as designated and agreed upon by management.

• Carry out special duties as assigned by the Supervisor.

Skills/Knowledge Required:

• Excellent communications skills, including verbal, written and listening skills

• Basic inquiry skills to obtain required information

• Proficient in MS Office/Outlook, basic computer/ data entry / keyboard skills and the use of basic office equipment (telephone, fax machine, copier, etc.)

• Team player and ability to build relationships

• Knowledge of and compliant to HIPAA guidelines

Key Competencies:

• Initiative – looks for opportunities to go above and beyond by improving processes, tailoring solutions to the individual situation.

• Accountability/Responsibility – follows all work practices and procedures while looking for ways to improve them, helps others understand processes. Proactively seeks solutions, anticipates potential issues and takes preventative or corrective action as needed and helps others do the same.

• Integrity – routinely offers their very best, even if no one is watching. Is truthful in all things even if it reflects poorly on themselves.

• Customer focused – consistently provides World Class Service by focusing on the customers need or issue, anticipating needs, educating for the future. Build excellent rapport with others regardless of obstacles.

• Product Knowledge – has a thorough understanding of all products and potential quality concerns and can address effectively regardless of complexity, consistently maintains confidentiality.

• Process Knowledge – understands all procedures, can explain and offer alternate solutions to address unique needs.

• Technical knowledge – is able to learn new systems and apply with confidence, understands all reports and SOPs.

• Feedback – seeks out feedback from others and applies with positive results. Is able to give feedback to others regularly.

• Problem Solver/Critical Thinking Skills – Is able to utilize resources and training to provide correct and thorough solutions to all common issues.

• Flexible – is able to integrate additional responsibilities into day with no impact on quality of work.

• Adaptable – open and accepting of new processes and experiences and is able to understand the ‘why’ without intervention.

• Teamwork – seeks out opportunities to work with others, especially those with different perspectives. Shares openly with all others and readily accepts ideas and opinions.

• Communication – conveys and understands all information and can tailor it to most audiences.

• Professionalism – consistently maintains composure and is aware or the impact of decision on all parties involved.

• Empathy – seizes opportunities to effectively connect with callers by picking up on the ‘clues’ and searching for additional areas of discussion. Is calm and reassuring.


Scheduled Absence:

• Any time absent from work that is pre-approved in writing by management at least 2 weeks in advance (whenever reasonable and possible) is considered “scheduled

Unscheduled Absence:

• Any time absent from work that is not pre-approved by management.


• You are deemed to be Tardy when you:

• Fail to be ready to work at the beginning of a scheduled shift.

• Take an extended meal or break period without approval.

• Early Departure:

• An Early Departure is when you leave work prior to the scheduled end of a shift without prior approval.


• An Occurrence is any Unscheduled Absence, Tardy or Early Departure.

• Each Unscheduled Absence will be considered 1 Occurrence.

• An Unscheduled Absence of multiple consecutive days due to the same illness, injury or other incident will be counted as 1 Occurrence, subject to applicable law.

• A Tardy will be considered 1/2 (0.5) an Occurrence for arrivals up to 4 hours late. Late arrivals exceeding four hours will be considered 1 full Occurrence.

• Early Departures up to 4 hours will be considered (0.5) an Occurrence. Early departures exceeding 4 hours will be considered 1 full Occurrence.

• If you are scheduled to work overtime and either fail to report or report after your scheduled start time, 1 full Occurrence will be charged.

• Notification Procedures for Unscheduled Absences and Tardies:

• In the event you will be late or unable to report to work as scheduled, you must speak directly to a Celgene supervisor/manager or their delegate at least 1 hour before the start of shift. (Contingent workers on the early shift will be provided with Celgene supervisor/manager-specific notification procedures.) If you are unable to reach a Celgene supervisor/manager or their delegate, you must leave a voicemail and follow-up with an email to your Celgene supervisor/manager, with a cc to their delegate.

• Illness:

• If you are unable to work due to illness or injury, you should ensure that your Celgene supervisor/manager is properly notified prior to your scheduled start time on the first day of your absence and on each subsequent day. You should keep your Celgene supervisor/manager informed of your expected date of return.

• Unscheduled absences and tardies due to illness will be counted as occurrences.

No Call/No Show:

• If you fail to call in and/or report to work as scheduled for 3 consecutive days, you will be viewed as having abandoned your position and will be considered to have voluntarily resigned from your assignment with Celgene. Time Out of the Office:

• Time out of the office must be scheduled with your Celgene supervisor/manager and approved at least 2 weeks in advance (whenever reasonable and possible). Time out of the office requests will be reviewed by management and approved subject to business needs.

• Time out of the office must be taken in either 4 or 8 hour increments


• The Company reserves the right to schedule work on an observed holiday.