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Kitchen Staff

Quezon City, National Capital Region, Philippines
November 21, 2016

- Male/Female

- 20-28 yr old

* Take orders from head chefs about regular order preparation and daily specials.

• Prepare ingredients such as meats and vegetables that need to be used for food preparation purposes.

• Make availability of fresh ingredients possible on a daily basis.

• Cut, slice and puree vegetables and fruits and store them properly.

• Rotate food items in cold storage and trash any expired items.

• Sort, chop and store food items that need to be used for cooking purposes.

• Assist the head chef in cooking items from the menu by following standard recipes.

• Assure the cleanliness and sanitization of all work areas such as counter tops.

• Arrange for ovens and cooking ranges to be set at proper heat levels.

• Arrange uncooked food in dishes and place them in ovens or in cookers for preparation purposes.

• Monitor the time needed for each dish to cook and remove cooked dishes.

• Aesthetically place food items on plates and platters for serving purposes.

• Place prepared dishes and platters on trays to make them ready for serving.

• Clean and sanitize kitchen floors, ovens and other cooking equipment on a periodic basis.

• Wash and dry dishes, flatware and glasses and throw away trash in trash receptacles.