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Media Planner & Analyst, Account Executive, Salesperson (unique skill

Advertising Agency
Norwood, Massachusetts, United States
November 21, 2016

I am one of the owners of a very unusual ad agency. Our clients are in the home improvement space, and our expertise is direct response advertising. Our job is to generate sales leads. We handle everything; the creative, the media buy and we track the results. We currently have 13 employees and will be growing as we find and train the right talent.

In my media department, which is where this job would be, we are always looking to improve performance for existing lead sources, research new media sources, and compare creative (campaign) response to help our clients optimize their total media buy. It is like a juggling act that we do within the 36 markets we are working in across the US and Canada. It requires a great deal of patience, concentration and determination. Perfectionists do very well in this role.

But to do this job effectively, you also need to be able to sell. Or maybe the word is persuade. We negotiate with the media very differently than most ad agencies and never see our sales reps as, “just vendors”. We educate them about the needs of our client, the profile of our best customer and what has been successful in other markets. All of this info is shared as a way to help build media buys that are cost effective and have the potential to generate the lead flow the client needs, relative to their budget spent.

We do an excellent job for our clients, and in the past five (5 years), we have been very, very busy. We have had to turn away prospective clients who have wanted to work with us but, with the staff we currently have, we cannot take on additional clients and do right by our existing clients. We have worked with a number of our clients for over 10 years; some of them followed us when we started our own agency.

Crazy to say, but we have put our own website on hold, because we did not need more business, and we did not want to take time away from generating leads for our clients. We admit that is strange for an ad agency, but our commitment to our clients always comes first. We will have a website before year end; it’s in the final stages.

For the Media Planner/Buyer/Analyst position, there is not a completely comparable job match. Prior advertising experience can be helpful, or it could hurt, depending on the culture of the agencies worked for, whose goals may run counter to ours.

As a co-owner and CEO, I have trained two (2) individuals for this role and they are doing a tremendous job. The training takes time and we are busy, so I need a fast learner. We are looking to add a 3rd member to our Media Planning team immediately.

It takes a special individual to work here and we hire very carefully. For those who are a good fit here, they don't just like coming to work, they LOVE IT, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Part of the hiring process involves lengthy meetings with those you will work with, so you can ask all the questions you want to find out about how things work at our company.

Please apply ONLY if you can say a resounding 'yes' to ALL of these questions:

- Live within an hour's drive or less of our office in Norwood, MA.

- Earned a 4-year college degree.

- Worked in an office environment for at least 2 years.

- Adept in Microsoft office, especially Excel (there will be a test prior to hiring).

- Strong writing skills that can be executed quickly.

- Articulate, can present ideas to a group with ease.

- Can review data and create a summary of findings with ease (this will be evaluated prior to hiring).

- Have some sales experience.

- Possess some level of interest in advertising.

- Love dogs and not be allergic because we have 5 in the office all the time.

We take very good care of our employees with pay, benefits and time off. In every way we can, we show our employees that they mean the world to us and that they are valued and appreciated. We couldn't do it without them.

Please send your cover letter and resume to the CEO to be considered.