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Recirculation Engineer

AquaBioTech Group
Mosta, Malta
November 07, 2016

A position within the AquaBioTech Group has arisen for a suitably qualified person to work on a variety of projects within the Group’s diverse portfolio. The position is described as Junior Engineer with knowledge of Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS) Design & Engineering. The responsibilities of the selected candidate are focused as follows:

1. The primary task is to provide engineering assistance in the design of recirculation systems for fish / shrimp hatcheries and on-growing farms. Our design team requires technical input from an engineer about optimising designs in recirculation systems for our internal and external projects. In

aiding with the project specific designs, the candidate will help prepare detailed plans, engineering calculations, specification lists and Bill of Quantities (BoQ) for projects in order to devise accurate budgets, financial plans and purchase management programs. There will also be the need to travel to help supervise overseas installations and project commissioning.

Reporting directly to the Design & Engineering Manager, the position is demanding requiring a person who is highly motivated and self-organised. The selected person must be prepared to work to very tight deadlines in isolated and multi-functional projects and in conjunction with a team of international staff at our head-office based in Malta, as well as staff who are based at the project sites.

Qualifications Overview

A successful candidate is likely to have a good solid a background in aquaculture sciences, preferably with at least a M.Sc. level of education, although experience based candidates are encouraged to

apply. Experience / specialisation in recirculation technology is an essential asset that is sort in a candidate.

The selected candidate will have a number of assignments to develop and work on in juxtapose, but will also be expected to become involved in the overall marketing and promotion of the AquaBioTech Group’s services so as to ensure that a continuous stream of work comes into the company.

The successful candidate will be offered a four (4) year fixed-term contract with the company. The selected candidate must speak and write English fluently and knowledge of any other languages, such

as Russian and/or Arabic would be considered an asset, although not essential. The selected candidate must be over twenty-five (25) years of age, have a clear EU passport with no travel restrictions or legal convictions held at any time and be in possession of a clean driving licence

and. Applicants must be prepared to undertake short travels as part of international assignments the company is awarded, but will be provided with accommodation in Malta where the main office is based.

Further information about the AquaBioTech Group and the services we offer our clients can be viewed at our site and at each of the company’s own specific websites. Applicants are kindly requested to submit a full CV in the AquaBioTech Group Europass format that MUST be downloaded

from our website. Questions about the application should only be directed to the Director of Administration, on aqua @ and lcd @