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Johns Hopkins University
Laurel, Maryland, United States
November 18, 2016

Job Overview:

Plumber to assemble, troubleshoot, repair, install, and replace plumbing hardware, fixtures, and piping for specialized and general facilities such as test stations, laboratories, rest rooms, air conditioning/heating systems, fluid systems, natural gas lines, water distribution systems, sprinkler systems an storm/sanitary drainage systems. Plan and layout materials required, test for proper performance after completing the work steps; make necessary adjustments to system and equipment to ensure compliant operation.

Major Responsibilities:

•Work independently at the Plumber journeyman level to assemble, install, troubleshoot, and repair plumbing hardware, fixtures, and piping in general facilities per the plumbing code with minimal supervision. Fabricate and install ductwork and HVAC equipment.

•Independently use hand/power tools and test equipment such as pipe threaders, drills, pipe cleaning devices, see snakes, etc.

•Apply information gained from testers to solve and correct problems.

•Meet with supervisors, peers, and customers to give advice on types of plumbing equipment, materials to purchase, installation of new equipment, and problem solving of existing equipment.

•Demonstrate knowledge of building/campus plumbing systems and Inter-National Plumbing Code, Mechanical Code, OSHA rules. Coordinate work with customers for minimal disruptions and quick responses.

•Work from Maximum work orders using existing drawings and maintenance manuals making corrections with minimal supervision and create as-built documentation of existing conditions and new work.

•Work multi-skilled, demonstrate Level I skills in another trade.

Required Qualifications:

•A high school diploma, or the math and language skills equivalent to that of a high school graduate, is required.

•Candidates should have the skills and knowledge normally associated with the combination of a formal trades training program and verifiable on-the-job experience in the trade totaling at least 4 years of verifiable experience in the trade.

•Candidates should have working knowledge of trade tools and equipment, including tapes, rules, saws, hand and power equipment, pipe threaders and cutters, and pipe wrenches.

•Ability to identify grades and types of pipe, and be conversant with standard plumbing methods and techniques.

•Candidates are expected to refer to and comprehend standard equipment operation and maintenance manuals.

•A valid driver’s license is required.

•Ability to work from ladders/scaffolding/roofs, confined spaces.

•Lift 50 lbs.

•Assist other trades as directed.

Desired Qualifications:

•Familiarity with personal computers as well as word processing, spreadsheet, and maintenance management software.