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Benguli Rat

Ilford Rats PLC
Ilford, Gt Lon, United Kingdom
8p Starter - 9p after 10 years of service
November 11, 2016

Youse mans all need to shot manamans white ( COK ) n dah

surplus youse mans need to be sus n dah

Daily rutine n dah

- Wake up at 6.33 AM

- Hotbox with blems

- Got to jail, get bailed go to jail again

- Stand around and do nothing

- Look at people and ask for chip/riz

- Find Mile End paigons

- Go Olympic Park and smog once a year

- Shot manamans lean n dah

- Record Mile end Chiggas getting ilforded and say rashalo a me

- Rob Tamas Bodo on a daily basis because he is WHITE

- Cam out with Razim

- Never sleep more than 5 minutes a day

Thanks for your attention,

We will be expecting multiple applications, please do not be disappointed if we cannot hire you as we only select rats with the lowest IQ possible.

Regards. ( N Dah)

Team Ilford Rats PLC, Human Resources

Giacomo Centofanti