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Agricultural Engineers

Lakeside Dairy Ltd
Alberta, Canada
December 15, 2016

to determine the technological processes for sowing crops and the growing of the seedlings of vegetables, fruits, grape vines, etc

the management of agro-technical processes in the cultivation of plants

to determine ways of cultivating crops on different plots of land, having in consideration the conditions of soil

to make decisions about the plowing, sowing and plant protection

to select and procure the seeds, fertilizers and other materials required for plant growth

to schedule the plowing and sowing

draw the production plans according to the consumers' needs

receiving orders, developing the market and drawing up plans for animal production

to manage the exploitation of land resources

to prepare laboratory tests for agricultural land and organization of the ground

to determine the fertilization process

to prepare the production plan for the crop plants

to record the operative documents

to ensure the coordination with the production of animals