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Senior Financial Officer

Lagos, Nigeria
November 09, 2016

Responsible for the supervision and evaluation of the Director of Finance.

Responsible for all operations of the Finance Accounting functions within the Authority.

Oversees maintenance of all PCC ledgers, accounts and records.

Project cash requirements and exercise control over bank accounts. Manage all banking activities, wire transfers and investments, including retirement funds. Responsible for making recommendations to the Executive Director for investment of Housing Authority funds to maximize income and minimize risk.

Prepare LIPH budget and budget revisions, including PFS calculation. Monitor all budgets and budget revisions for Federal, State, CDBG, CIAP, Section 8, Development, RHF and ROSS programs.

Prepare financial reports for various programs including monthly budget status reports; quarterly reports on Federal and State operations. Maintain all financial records of Federal, State and local developments. Prepare financial analyses as necessary.

Monitor Accounts Receivable with regards to the rent billing and collection system.

Review financial statements for Modernization and Section 8. Reconcile advances with expenses, set up ledgers and prepare quarterly and semiannual financial statements for Development, Comp. Grants, Drug Elimination and other grants