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Adult Psychiatrist Boston MA eh

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
November 08, 2016

Posted By Premium Recruiter


ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: All duties set forth in Physician Agreement and: Clinical 1.) Serve as the attending physician for a caseload of patients on the inpatient service providing competent and compassionate care. a.) Oversee all aspects of patient care including prescription of medications, determination of level of restriction, ordering appropriate medical consultation, and planning a safe and appropriate discharge. b.) Provide leadership to a multidisciplinary team of clinicians in order to foster consistent communication between services and development of an effective treatment plan. Administrative 1.) Participate in hospital meetings and committees at the direction of the Medical Director, including at least 50% of medical staff meetings and regular attendance at departmental meetings. 2.) Provide leadership on one’s unit or other clinical service, educating staff, and working with affiliated clinicians to evaluate services and identify areas that could benefit from intervention and improvement. Provide feed back to the Medical Director Quality Assurance 1.) At the direction of the Medical Director, ensure and provide monitoring of Performance Improvement initiatives, and ensure that clinical programs under one’s leadership meet or exceed established standards for quality care. Age Specific Competence 1.) Is competent to treat and care for an acute psychiatric population. Marketing/Community Education and Outreach 1.) As time and clinical demands allow, participate in hospital outreach and community education consistent with the clinical mission of theWhittier Pavilion. GENERAL PERFORMANCE STANDARDS: 1) Adheres to the policies adopted by the hospital. 2) Complies with all hospital safety and health regulations. 3) Treats patients, their families, visitors, and other staff members with respect, courtesy and compassion. 4) Demonstrates teamwork by possessing a considerate, friendly, and constructive attitude, and by the ability to work openly and honestly with other staff members with flexibility, support and cooperation. 5) Sets goals and demonstrates actions toward self-improvement. 6) Utilizes appropriate means of communication. 7) Exhibits responsible work behaviors by demonstrating reliability, punctuality, and dependability. 8) Wears clothing appropriate for the work being performed. 9) Performs assigned tasks efficiently. 10) Maintains work place and work area cleanliness and orderliness. 11) Refrains from behavior or conduct deemed offensive, or undesirable, or which is subject to disciplinary action. 12) Reflects positive image to the community. 13) Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the impact of disability upon an individual’s as well as families’ physical, emotional, social, economic and vocational status, taking into consideration age-related issues, and developmental levels over the life span (i.e., the adolescents’ need to develop their own identity, and cope with life changes; and the geriatrics’ need to maintain their integrity and independence, and adjust to the physiological aspects of aging), and meets competency requirements for the population served (adolescents through geriatric) as applicable to the job description. The above statement reflects the general duties considered necessary to describe the functions of the job as identified, and shall not be considered as a detailed description of all the work requirements that may be inherent in the job. H. PREREQUISITES: 1) Currently licensed by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine. 2) Extensive medico-administrative background/experience preferred. 3) Board Certification in Psychiatry. 4) Meets all licensure and credentialing requirements as outlines in the Medical Staff Bylaws. 5) Knowledge of growth and development across the life span.