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Collections Specialist

Baltimore, Maryland, 21203, United States
November 08, 2016

Location : 110 W. Fayette St, Charles Center Plaza, Baltimore, MD, 21203

Bill : $25.20/hr

Pay : 17/hr

Duration : 73 W, 5D

Positions - #4

Job Description :

• Position is responsible for identifying theft issues in Smart Meter data. This position will be responsible for altering field personnel of possible fraud cases in which BGE customers are cutting off the meter or altering the meter to prevent charges with BGE.

• After the field personnel determine if the meter has been altered and caused billing fraud, this position will be responsible for contacting the residents of the home, inform them of the theft charges and collect payment. In some cases, this person will set up payment arrangements for large amounts.

• The contractor should have a collections background, which will be helpful in this role. Being able to confidently handle difficult conversations is a must. Candidates who are good are persuading or convincing will excel at this role. IF candidates are not able to handle difficult conversations, they should not be submitted for this role.

• Contractor will use Microsoft Excel in order to estimate charges owed to BGE. Prior Excel usage is required. Contractors will use a template that has already been created. Being able to enter and read data in Excel is required

• Customer Care and Billing will be used in this role. Since this version was built specifically for BGE, contractors will be trained on the system. Proficient computer use is required.

• This position will handle mostly outbound calls. Inbound calls are only received if a customer is returning a message.