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Senior Frontend Developer - Travel expenses + Remote

Ventures Unlimited Inc.
Chicago, Illinois, United States
November 10, 2016

Role : Senior Frontend Developer/Lead

Location: Downtown Chicago, IL

Duration: Full Time Permanent

Job Description :

Technical Skills : All the skills below are not mandatory.

• React JS

• React Router

• Redux

• Redux Thunk

• Babel transform file from ES6 to ES5

• Webpack bundling and minification

• JQuery

• ESLint compile time checking and

• force best practices

• Lodash

• Node.js UI backend

• PAAS CloudFoundry

Desirable Technical Skills :

• Experience working in an Agile environment

• Programming background in languages included in the Skills slide (Front End & services skill set)

• Experience working with engineering tools including TFS, JIRA, GitHub, Confluence, etc.

• Knowledge of web services technology and SOA practices

• Good understanding of software development lifecycle

• Managing strong and productive relationships with business customers and co workers

• Impeccable problem solving, listening, written and verbal communication, and decision making skills

Mandatory Functional Skills :

• Responsible for creating of product

• Estimates size of backlog items

• Translation of backlog items into engineering design and logical units of work (tasks)

• Writes unit tests first to the contract of the interface and other abstract classes

• Writes and verifies code which adheres to the acceptance criteria

• Design and Implementation of backlog items

• Application of product development best practices

Total Experience Required : 8 years

Thanks & Regards

Rahul Kumar

Ventures Unlimited Inc.

Tel: 856-842-1988 Ext - 157