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Senior Machine Learning Engineer (Recommender Systems)

Casoline Concept
Lagos, Nigeria
December 16, 2016


In order to be considered, you must have:

A minimum of two years of full time industry experience using machine learning or PhD level research that resulted in building a recommendation system for a particular domain

A postgraduate degree in computer science, statistics or a related subject

Solid and demonstrable knowledge of machine learning principles

Solid and demonstrable knowledge of recommender systems and relevant approaches such as collaborative filtering, matrix factorization techniques, multi-armed bandits etc.

Experience in building and deploying practical recommender systems leveraging big data sources using technologies such as Apache Spark, Neo4J and so on

Excellent programming skills in a language such as Java or Python

Aside from these basics, we'll give extra credit to candidates that have experience in any of the following:

Experience in managing Hadoop / Spark / Mesos clusters

Experience in data analysis using software such as R or MATLAB

Applying natural language processing techniques (sentiment detection, named entity recognition, machine translation etc in a real world project

Experience with NoSQL databases

Designing and building ontologies, as well as related software

Enterprise search with Solr or Elastic Search

PhD in computer science, statistics or related subject

Scripting knowledge

Information visualization

Basic Unix DevOps skills

Amazon EC2

Algorithmic Trading / Automated Bidding