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Maintenance Engineer

November 24, 2016

Maintenance Engineer

Job Description:

Maintenance engineers are responsible for maintaining and repairing the heavy machinery, plant equipment, tools and systems used in manufacturing, engineering and other industrial production processes.

Although your day-to-day activities and responsibilities will differ from industry to industry, your core activities will include: conducting periodic maintenance checks, planning equipment upgrades and machinery modifications, identifying faults, investigating equipment breakdowns and monitoring the performance of equipment after repairs have been carried out.

Maintenance engineer’s work in multi-disciplinary teams, which include plant and production / assemble personnel, production engineers, design engineers and other technical professionals, to ensure uninterrupted, efficient and quality-driven production or plant operations. In smaller organizations, the role of the maintenance engineer may be combined with that of the manufacturing engineer.


Responsibilities and tasks vary from role to role but maintenance engineers may typically be involved in:

• designing maintenance strategies, procedures and methods;

• carrying out routine scheduled maintenance work and responding to equipment faults;

• diagnosing breakdown problems;

• fitting new parts and making sure equipment is working correctly;

• carrying out quality inspections on jobs;

• liaising with client departments, customers and other engineering and production colleagues;

• arranging specialist procurement of fixtures, fittings or components;

• controlling maintenance tools, stores and equipment;

• monitoring and controlling maintenance costs;

• dealing with emergencies, unplanned problems and repairs;

• improving health and safety policies and procedures;

• working with specialist equipment, such as programmable logic controllers (PLC), which control machinery on factory assembly lines;

• writing maintenance strategies to help with installation and commissioning guidelines;

• Ensuring there is continuous cover of the machinery and equipment in case of breakdowns.


• Male, Graduate of BS Electrical or Mechanical Engineer or any related Technical & Engineering course

• Must have extensive knowledge & experience in this particular position

• Preferable from South Area’s & willing to work at Sta. Rosa Laguna