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Managing Director - Executive Search

Harvard Group International
Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
April 17, 2017


Harvard Group International (HGI) provides two interdependent areas of consulting in support of our clients’

growth and sustainable competitiveness.

Executive Search: HGI offers Retained Executive Search Services for high- impact executive leadership and effective managers to meet the challenges of shifting market opportunities, increased competition, pricing pressures and decreased resources. This practice segment is ranked within the top 10% of all US retained executive search firms. HGI successfully performs 30-day turnarounds on executive search assignments and has a 100% search completion rate.

Business Consulting: HGI Consulting was established to provide a clear focus and external context to corporate business and functional planning, new market and product development, competitor assessment, restructuring and revitalization of an organization.

HGI is the only consulting firm of its type that has consistently improved clients’ businesses by bringing a clear perspective to the relationships between intellectual assets, physical assets, competition, markets and financial performance. Our clients are typically sophisticated users of business services who expect creative, tailored solutions to tough business problems.

HGI is a well-run, lean, entrepreneurial organization where everyone sells. We take pride in our strong teaming culture, get-it-done drive, and sense of urgency that enables us to win and consistently gain market share.



The Managing Director will be a leading figure in the company and industry. He/She will lead multiple project teams, the number and size of those reporting will correspond directly to the Managing Director’s ability to develop and manage business. This position will report to the Principal Partner.


The Managing Director will play an active role in domestic and international business development activities and will ensure the crisp execution of the business plan. This position requires a leader who will drive the organization forward in order to prepare for the future competitive climate and a ‘coachable’ team player who is enthusiastic to learn the HGI approach.

HGI Managing Directors have three distinct responsibilities:

1) Business Development:

• Develop new clients and sell Retained Search Services.

• Possess the knowledge and drive to build, continually close and maintain large world-class accounts.

• Have strong closing instincts in all aspects of client and candidate relationships.

• Be willing to put in the hours necessary over the first twelve months to train and develop the proper skills to be successful. Initially, log many 10-12 hour days in order to learn the HGI system.

• Complement and work positively with the organization’s Research & Recruiting team.

• Promote and drive HGI’s lean, entrepreneurial culture and get-it-done attitude/approach.

• Follow the company mandate to create, build-on, improve and then deliver business development presentations that have personality, character, distinctiveness and, most importantly, close deals.

• Provide the leadership needed to leverage the highest corporate marketing high-value payoffs.

• Be an active member responsible for the long-term growth of this organization.

• Travel approximately 10% on a flexible schedule.

2) Project Management:

• Effectively lead, strategize and close each search project. The Managing Director’s Project Management

role is initiated when the first client agreement is signed.

• Develop and finalize a professional HGI Position Specification.

• Research, strategize and prepare an initial Target List.

• Update the Recruiter regarding additional targets and fine-tuning of the overall strategy of the search.

• Lead an official launch meeting. The Managing Director implements his/her project strategy and how he/she is going to lead the team to exceed client expectations and win additional business.

• Manage the Recruiter and the project continually. The Managing Director is responsible for the Recruiter’s results, the energy of the project, client communication and management, and the outcome of the search.

• Qualify, prepare and present a minimum of three best-in-class candidates to the client within 30-days.

• Update the client with weekly reports.

• Arrange phone and in-person interviews with all candidates; thoroughly evaluate, appropriately position and prepare each candidate; and schedule and manage the client interview process from beginning to end.

• Exceed client expectations, implement a project strategy and close the search(s).

• Confirm with HGI Finance that all invoices are accurate and have been sent in a timely matter.

3) Team Development (After first year):

• Build, develop and manage a successful team. Team Development is a type of hiring and is only required of the Managing Directors who have successfully implemented the HGI approach to the Retained Executive Search business.

• Recognize and passionately implement HGI’s aggressive growth strategy.

• Understand that this plan is for those who can dedicate the time to excel at exceptionally high levels.

• Be responsible for hiring and training two Managing Directors. New Managing Directors will report directly to you, you will have full hiring authority in conjunction with the responsibility to train, develop and guide each of the reporting Managing Directors.

• Be more than a leader; he/she will also be a teacher and a student who invests the time to lead, teach and learn with each team on every project.

MILESTONES First Six Months:

• Build and implement comprehensive sales plan in order to bring in new business.

• Develop a minimum of two new clients resulting in a minimum of three new search assignments.

• Master Cross Marketing and win new business from this quick turnaround technique.

• Schedule and manage appointments and conference calls to win business on a daily/weekly basis.

• Achieve positive integration with all departments within the company and with existing and new markets.

• Understand and be able to accurately predict the direction of selected principal industries.

• Benchmark own business development (billing) productivity and support the team by maximizing efforts.

First Year:

• Develop a minimum of three new clients.

• Successfully lead and close a minimum of eight executive search projects.

• Harmoniously work within the HGI system.

• Have personal billing methodologies and processes honed and produce revenue necessary to achieve individual and company financial goals.

• Be a standout leader in the organization.

• Begin your Team Development responsibilities.


• Bachelor’s degree.

• Master of Business Administration (MBA) or other advanced degree is advantageous.

• Additional education in any area of business development, direct sales and/or recruiting is beneficial.


• Five to 15 years of experience in positions of increasing responsibility in direct sales, business development, recruiting, the search business, or human resources.

• Minimum five years of experience closing large accounts (C-level negotiations) and project management.

• Extensive experience with C-Level meetings, business development/selling, consulting and client management.

• Demonstrated ability to identify, develop and profitably win business.

• Leadership and management capabilities in hiring, training and developing Best-in-Class performers.

• Industry-specific Executive Search experience is advantageous.

• Direct sales or business development experience in the high-end Service Sector is preferred.

• Developed and launched new sales and business development presentations.

• Diverse skill-set in writing persuasive and successful business letters.

• Proven ability to identify, develop and respond to strategy-driven businesses and communicate the

strategy in order to enhance the company’s image.

• Computer literacy, which includes but is not limited to typing formal/executive business communications and experience with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint).


• Be entrepreneurial, with strong closing instincts, and a self-motivated team leader within a high- performance organization.

• Know how to influence decision makers and close multi-million dollar orders in complex and political organizations.

• Foster strong internal working relationships and work well on a team (Executive Search is a relationship business on all fronts).

• Be well organized and goal oriented.

• Be demanding and charismatic to make sure the team’s work is completed on time.

• Have a strong desire to bring innovative sales and business development concepts to the organization.

• Be detail-oriented and have a high stress tolerance and ability to work under pressure when required.


A meaningful compensation package has been developed for the successful candidate that consists of an industry leading commission structure.

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