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Sales Representative - Cagayan De Oro & Davao

Business Machines Corporation
Cagayan de Oro, Northern Mindanao, 9000, Philippines
November 14, 2016


1.Conduct sales meeting with Sales Representatives (SR) every Monday and Saturday morning, and sales training once-a-month.

2.Discusses status of each account called-on and sales problem encountered in the field.

3.Gives importance and evaluates feedback regarding competitors’ strength and strategies.

4.Comes up with written sales daily activity reports are imperative to avoid overlapping of account coverage.

5.Accompanies SRs on account calls especially to those calls problematic ones to gather first hand information so that immediate solution can be affected.

6.Assists SRs in the delivery, installation, and collection activities as and when needed.

7.Is continuously driven to collect all due accounts and implement the sliding computation on commission. Requests for exemption must be in writing and with satisfactory explanation.

8.Reviews SR’s individual sales performance versus assigned quota and issues warning memos to those non-productive employees who will eventually be separated.

9.On the rare occasion that an SC is granted with permission from the head office personally checks that committed SC to customers are actually paid-off.

10.Sees to it that personal checks or company checks of new, walk-in customers are not accepted as payment for any merchandise sold by BISMAC unless you can personally guarantee the amount or the customer (i.e. reputable person).

11.Personally conducts proper credit checking must be done before allowing any delivery or demo to new customers. SR concerned must personally guarantee new accounts availing of credit terms, by signing on the invoice as “Guarantor”.

12.Provides updates on affectivity dates of accreditations and standing bidders’ bonds to government entities.

13.Monitors competitors’ activities, and is aware of their machines/models, prices, their strength and weaknesses.

14.Reviews with the SRs during weekly meetings machine inventory levels, requirements, including how to dispose non-moving items.

15.Is responsible in making sure that necessary selling tools like brochures are updated regularly, and that the display of office machines are rendered effectively and presentably.