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National Business Coordinator RMC

Bhatia Consultancy Services
Amritsar, Punjab, India
January 07, 2019


Job Title: National Business Coordinator RMC

Job Location: Amritsar

Qualification: CA

Background: The position of National Business Coordinator is created to meet the following objective in general:

• To do the desired research to have the macro view of the construction business in general and RMC business in specific. The candidate should have nerve of the national economic development and its impact on the construction/RMC business. Shall be responsible to work as single point of contact from head office to coordinate with the business head at different RMC plant in country. The candidate shall be responsible to compile the result of all the RMC plants to make the overall operating statement of RMC as one business segment. The candidate shall have watch on the RMC unit wise fund flow management and business segment as whole.

• The candidate shall be responsible to prepare the long term business plan in consultation with the Top Management (promoter group) and its road map for implementation and monitoring of the road map.

Responsibility in specific:

The candidate shall have following time bound responsibility to discharge:

1. He should be responsible for daily billing updates to different clients according to their requirements and is also responsible for that particular billing’s taxation.

2. The candidate shall make sure that all the deliverables promised in form of MIS is delivered to company as per agreed time line.

3. The candidate on said position shall be responsible to organize the monthly meeting for the presentation of the operating result on monthly basis.

4. The candidate, based on the MIS received shall take action and communicate to specific RMC plant in consultation with top management.

5. It shall be responsibility of the candidate to take reporting from plants and read the same carefully and brief the top management about important developments or if anything get derailed.

6. The candidate shall prepare and update the daily fund position of RMC plant and give brief to top management.

7. During the monthly presentation, depending on the performance of each RMC plant corrective measures or measures for improvement may be suggested to specific function of the RMC plant. The candidate shall closely coordinate with specific RMC plant head for the implementation of those suggestions and shall give presentation on monthly basis about the implementation status.

8. The candidate shall make a checklist of all the statutory requirements in respect of each RMC plant separately which will be called compliance calendar and ensure that no compliance is missed or delayed.

9. The candidate shall be responsible to play the role of whistle blower i.e. shall give the alert to top management in case of anything going wrong specific to a RMC plant or RMC business as whole.

10. Shall make the short term and long term projections in respect of RMC business segment and compare the actual result on monthly basis.

11. The candidate shall coordinate with the statutory auditor to get the annual accounts finalized and audited by the statutory auditor.

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