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School Principal ACR0111

Acreaty Ghana Limited
Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana
March 22, 2017

Position Description

Position: School Principal

Adopted by: Board of Directors

Date Adopted: January 2016

Is Accountable to: Board of Directors

Location: East Legon, Ghana

Nationality: American


1. Committed to the Triune God through faith in Jesus Christ as evidenced by faith testimony, regular worship and lifestyle.

2. Committed to the mission and vision of the School.

3. An effective, visionary, motivational and experienced leader apt at creative strategic planning.

4. An effective and experienced American educator with, at minimum, a Master’s Degree with extensive study in educational administration.

5. Excellent communicator.

General Position Description

1. Provides overall school-wide leadership that is fully aligned with the school’s mission, values and vision.

2. Develops and maintains the best possible educational programs and services for the students of the School.

3. Responsible for all operational decisions of this school within limitations established by the Board of Directors.

4. Works toward established Desired Outcomes.

5. Develops school as among the premier international schools first of Ghana, then West Africa and then Africa.

6. Protects the interests of the school by making decisions and taking actions that are in keeping with the desires of the Board of Directors, providing the Board of Directors with adequate counsel, consulting the Board of Directors before key decisions are made, and providing the Board of Directors with timely and ample information.


1. Sets an example for everyone associated with the school of collegial, personable relationships, educational excellence, Christian conduct, godly decision-making, proper work ethic and quality service.

2. Sees that the school operates according to the requirements of the Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education and to expectations of international schools of especially high quality.

3. Operates within limitations established by Board of Directors.

4. Acts in concert with and if not possible on own discretion when emergency action is necessary on matters not covered by policy and reports such action to the Board of Directors.

5. Responsibly delegates duties without abdicating responsibility and authority.

6. Develops, revises and implements all policy for all aspects of the school as approved by the Board of Directors.

7. Makes fair and judicious decisions regarding staff and students.

8. Effectively serves as the official spokesperson and public representative of the school.

9. Maintains clear, open communication with the Board of Directors and among students, their parents and staff.

10. Maintains a school climate of trust, accountability and honor of authority.

11. Oversees and serves (or designee) as ex officio member of all committees (permanent),such the Parent-Teacher Organization and task forces (short-term) of the school.

12. Together with the board, develops and updates the school’s vision and school plan and uses them to guide decisions and actions.

Desired Outcomes for the 2015-16 School Year

As a new Christian, American, international school, the School Principal l will work toward the desired outcomes as follow:

1. Increase enrollment at all levels of the school by about 50% by end of 2016/2017 academic year

2. Total revenue should increase by 75% at the end of the year

3. Debtors (receivables) at the end of the year should not exceed 10%

4. Total expenditure should reduce by 25%

5. Establish the school as truly Christian in teaching of the Bible, practices such as chapel and through service to others.

6. Develop and Increase opportunities for increased parental/community involvement in the school.

7. Increase the proportion of the faculty who are trained in and/or experienced with the American education.

8. Discount allowed students should not exceed 10% of the total revenue

9. Establish the school as one of academic excellence while working toward recognition by an American accrediting agency.

10. Finish foundational items including the student/parent handbook, set next years calendar, curriculum development made ready for next academic year.


Executive Limitations are stated in the negative to clarify the lines over which the School Principal shall not step without action by the Board of Directors while providing the position with flexibility to act within the limitations. If there is need for a limitation to be exceeded, the School Principal can request authorization from the Board of Directors.


The School Principal shall not cause or allow any practice, activity, decision, or organizational circumstance, which is either inconsistent with the Christian faith, unlawful, imprudent or in violation of commonly accepted business and professional ethics or the policies of the School.

Unless authorized by the Board of Directors, the School Principal…

1. Shall not permit the Board of Directors to be uninformed or unsupported in their work for the school.

2. Shall not allow the school to operate without at least a medium (3years) -range, strategic plan.

3. Shall not fail to promote and monitor continuous school improvement through positive change.

4. Financial Limitations

a. Shall not allow current spending to exceed current income during the fiscal year.(This allows the Head of School to adjust budgeted expenditures upward or downward depending on actual revenue while remaining responsible for the original budget.)

b. Shall not allow spending to exceed that authorized by the Board of Directors in the operating budget, nor allow any line item to exceed the budgeted amount by more than 5%. (This allows the School Principal to adjust the budget mid-year but without violating limitation #1. If one line is over budget by 5% then others must fall below budget by the same dollar amount.)

c. Shall not allow payroll and bills to be paid late.

d. Shall not allow reserve fund balances to be spent.

e. Shall not allow funds in restricted accounts to be used for purposes other than those for which they are intended.

f. Shall not sign or otherwise agree to a contract exceeding $ .

g. Shall make no decisions regarding the employment or compensation of his/her family members.

h. Shall not approve financial payment or expense reimbursement to himself/herself.

i. Shall not allow personnel to be hired in addition to positions authorized by the Board and the approved year’s budget. Such authorization may be in the form of a budgeted amount meaning, the School Principal is able to hire so long as the applicable budget line is not exceeded.

5. Personnel Limitations

a. Shall not allow administrative and personnel practices to be outside the law.

b. Shall not fail to provide policies and guidelines for efficient operations.

c. Shall not fail to ensure that all personnel are treated with dignity and respect, are provided timely performance appraisals, expectations for conduct, means for handling grievances, and are protected against wrongful work conditions.

d. Shall not fail to provide for recruitment and retention of staff, especially of American teachers and administrators.

e. Shall not allow workers to remain on staff who are not effective in service, who are disruptive to peaceful school climate or whose positions cannot be financially supported by the school.

6. Student Services Limitations

a. Shall not allow school programs to provide services outside the bounds of the school’s mission and related statements.

b. Shall not fail to provide for recruitment and retention of students.

c. Shall not allow students to remain enrolled who are unable to adapt to the values and expectations of this school or who cannot be served by the regular program of the school.

d. Shall not fail to keep the school informed about and shall not fail to lead the school to implement the best of American educational curricula and instructional practices.

e. Shall not allow the school to neglect to earn and maintain accreditation by one or more recognized educational organizations.

f. Shall not fail to establish academic standards, policies, practices, and requirements that meet or exceed those mandated by the school’s accrediting agency or agencies.

7. Shall not allow improper access to student, staff and school information.

8. Shall not allow unsafe health, safety and personal security conditions.

9. Shall not neglect to recognize students, staff and others associated with the school for distinguished effort and results.

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Contact: 030–277-8927