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Network Operations Team Leader

Chicago, Illinois, United States
April 07, 2017

The Global Network operations Engineer (GNOC) Team lead will be responsible for managing global network engineer staff and interfacing with various company business units and support staff ranging from Server, Network, Email and Application teams to IT executives and managers.

This person must have leadership skills and strong Network Operations experience. This person must have strong people skills and excellent communication skills both verbally and written. This person will be responsible to make sure all applications and infrastructure components are properly monitored and alerted on. This person will work with vendors and ISP/Telco providers as well as internal support staff. The GNOC staff and team lead have various roles to manage and support which are:

Ensure maximum possible service availability and performance of applications and infrastructure components ranging from network switches to servers and WAN/LAN links

Add new applications and support infrastructure components pertinent to the application and make sure it is properly setup in all monitoring and alerting tools

Provide support services to technical teams during outages and critical situations.

Work to make sure all infrastructure environment is being properly monitored and alerting properly setup

Work to produce reports on issues and outages encountered as well as metrics on infrastructure components

Must have very strong skills in CA Nimsoft monitoring tool. Ability to use it, add / configure, and create reports and scripts in the tool.

Participate in CrtiSit calls and support sessions when issues arise

Team Lead experience and experience in managing Network Operations staff

Desired Skills and Experience

Manage and maintain CA Nimsoft monitoring system. Must have very strong technical knowledge of CA Nimsoft.

Write scripts and setup alerting in NimSoft.

• Write and generate reports in NimSoft

• Strong People Management Skills

• Strong Verbal and Written communication skills

• 5+ years’ experience in Network Operations role

• 2+ years’ experience as Network Operations Team Lead

• Experience with Thousand Eyes Monitoring tool

• Experience with understanding how infrastructure components work from network to server to app layer.

• Work with ISP and Telco providers on outages related to their links

• Work with vendors and open support tickets when required on their products or tools

• Work with internal support staff and collaborate on monitoring and support

• Maintenance of technical documentation as it related to the monitoring tool set

• Ability to document how the environment is being monitored and main that and support documentation

• Work well in a busy team and during multiple outage events

• Have strong analytical skills and able to interpret data from various tools and monitoring sources

• Ability to asses and prioritize faults and outage events and respond to and escalate to support staff accordingly

• Must be great communicator with the aptitude to deal with people

• Must send out timely updates to tickets and pages to management and critical staff during outages

• Basic Network and Server skills required