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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
January 21, 2019


Data Entry Clerk

Responsibilities and Duties:

Data entry clerks verify information, operate data entry devices and prepare documents.

Transfer data from scanned document into Electronic System Template.

Clerks process account information, client information, and a variety of other forms of documents by resolving inconsistencies and reviewing data for errors using standard data entry procedures.

Requesting further information for documents that are deemed incomplete.

Verifying, correcting, deleting unnecessary data, or combining data from several sources before entering into a file

Entering information into specific files or forms from recorded material, hand written pages or figures contained in printed files.

Deciphering sloppy handwriting, garbled recordings, or faded text and transforming into digital data

Keeping records of tasks, files and proofread reports

Checking completed work for errors or duplicate information before submitting the final product

Education and Qualifications

Minimum- High school graduate or Equivalent

Ability to enter data accurately at a given speed of a minimum of 100 characters a minute

Strong typing, analytical, and computer skills

. 2 years data entry experience

Skills and Specifications

Ability to complete job functions with 100% accuracy

Ability to multi-task, use personal judgment and utilize strong decision making skills