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AMWAY Marketing & Sales

P2P Enterprises
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
July 29, 2017

Become an AMWAY Independent Business Owner and take CONTROL of your TIME. AMWAY CORPORATION is the largest DEBT FREE family owned company in North America and number one on the web. Their products are also number one in nutrition, have the top five in premium skin care and the first green home cleaning.


*Anytime, anywhere – You can conveniently work from your home, a coffee shop, beach or the slopes from a laptop, tablet or smart phone.

*Flexible hours – Keep your priorities with your family time and kid’s activities while building a wealth asset.

*Create a balanced life – Take control of your time and have fun sharing the easy concept of how to shop and get paid.

*Minimum investment – For less than the cost of a good pair of shoes you can own your own business.

*No inventory – All products are warehoused at AMWAY and noting is required to be purchased except what you are currently consuming or using.

*Counseling – As an AMWAY Independent Business Owner you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself and have access to an association of mentors who have your vested interest in your success.