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Laguna Blends Inc.
Maple Ridge, British Columbia, V4R 2X1, Canada
Commissions and bonuses.
December 10, 2016

New mlm / affiliate company with products infused with Whey, Hemp, Omega 269 and more - as a beverage ... seeking Leaders to grow this business ...Hemp Protein

Hemp is a complete source of nutrition containing 33% protein - the most digestible protein of any plant. Hemp contains all 20 known essential amino acids ("EFAs"), including the ten that our bodies cannot produce and must be supplied in our daily food. Amino acids are necessary for building and repairing muscle tissue. They are also vital to the maintenance of a healthy immune system.

Hemp also contains over 80% essential fatty acids ("EFAs"), the most compared to all other oil seeds.

EFAs are considered 'the good fats' because they cannot be produced by the body and must be consumed by the diet. EFAs help you burn excess fat, restore health to the cardiovascular system, relieve arthritis pain and inflammation, and strengthen the immune system.

Hemp has long been recognized by the health and nutrition industry as a super food, cited in many publications as a balanced source of all ingredients required to achieve health and wellness.

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